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How Taylor Swift’s BFFs Feel About Travis Kelce Romance? Taylor Lautner, Gigi Hadid To Cara Delevingne

Whether it is Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Lauter or Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift's inner circle is rooting for Travis Kelce!

Taylor Swift is head over heels in love with Travis Kelce. Whether it is changing the lyrics of Karma or hanging out with his mother, Donna, she’s going all out. There were wild rumors that BFF Selena Gomez wasn’t happy about their fast-paced relationship, but Gigi Hadid clarified their stance. How do Tay’s friends feel about her blossoming romance? Scroll below for all the details!

It all began when Travis decided to give it a shot and ended up at Tay’s ERAs concert. He intended to give her a friendship bracelet with his number on it. However, Tay broke his heart as she denied the meeting since she saves up her voice for those 44 songs she performs. As the Kansas City Chiefs player mentioned recently, one of her friends played the cupid in their relationship. They made her aware of him, after which she texted him. Rest, as they say, is history!

From Ryan Reynolds to Gigi Hadid and others, take a look at how Taylor Swift’s BFFs feel about Travis Kelce:

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