A Viral Photo Of Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox, And Emma Watson Is Nothing But AI And Shows Just How Gullible Society Is

Less Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce, more smut. I’ve heard your cries loud and clear. Let me begin by saying is anything even real anymore? I think it’s just safe to assume any photo that you see online is AI-altered and it’s time for everyone to touch some grass. I know horny clicks sell, and rent’s due, so I’m going to repurpose this on the blog solely for your viewing pleasure. The Internet is calling them the Milk Mount Rushmore, the Founding Mothers, the Gates of Heaven, etc. 2017 Warriors, Clay Nadal, tiebreak Djokovic, UNC Hansborough, BYU Jimmer, noodle hair Ronaldo, Mourinho Chelsea back 4, the list goes on and on.

We could go on about propagating unhealthy hegemonic beauty standards and how they have absolutely no tangible grounding in reality, but you’re here to engage in the male gaze. You’re hungry. And I can’t blame you. Think of this as a trade in exchange for you staying on this blog for as long as humanly possible to get my retention rate and clicks up. I’ll cook that meal for you anyday!


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