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Anne Hathaway Speaks Out About Aging and Self-Care

At 40 years old, the renowned superstar Anne Hathaway expresses that she is currently in the best shape of her life, with aging not occupying her thoughts at all.
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At 40 years old, the renowned superstar Anne Hathaway expresses that she is currently in the best shape of her life, with aging not occupying her thoughts at all.

In her role as the recently appointed Shiseido global ambassador, Anne Hathaway elaborated that when people comment on her looking good “considering her age,” she views it as a somewhat indirect compliment and prefers not to receive such remarks.

“I don’t think about age,” she said in a new interview with Today. “To me, aging is another word for living. So, if people want to pay a compliment, it’s nice. But whatever the hype is, I’m interested in what’s beyond the concept of hype.”

Furthermore, she has not only become more compassionate towards herself but has also extended that same compassion to others. She also pointed out that she has become more adept at sharing.

“I’m right at that point where I have a much better sense of how I like to do things,” she added. “I’m so much better at sharing. I feel like I’m kinder to myself and kinder to others.”

In an interview with People Magazine, Hathaway said it took three years to fully recover after giving birth.

The Princess Diaries Actress, who shares two sons, seven-year-old Jonathan, and three-year-old Jack with husband Adam Shulman, refused to “snap back” after pregnancy.

“People don’t talk about this, and it really made me feel better when I found out about it.”

Hathaway went on to say, “With my second son Jack, it took every minute of those three years. Let your body be a body. There’s nowhere to get to.”

Almost a decade ago, the actress chosee to abstain from alcohol as part of her path toward prioritizing “self-care.”

“In my thirties, I had to give up alcohol,” she said. “I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t lead the life that I wanted while drinking.”

“And in my forties, I’m finding I have to support myself differently nutritionally.”

“I want to go back and talk to my 25-year-old self who felt like she didn’t have to do anything and just be like, ‘Oh honey, honey, there’s a whole other world out there and it tastes like an avocado.”

If anything, Hathaway is not only fully embracing every phase of her life but is also confidently taking ownership of it without any apologies.

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