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When Angelina Jolie’s Salt Co-Star Liev Schreiber Admitted Feeling The S*xual Tension Between Them: “All The Anxiety About Her Being Very Famous…”

Once, in an interview, Liev Schreiber opened up about getting nervous & anxious around Angelina Jolie. Here's what happened next!

Angelina Jolie is one heck of a lady in Hollywood who can make any actor feel nervous with her aura and personality. Why? Cuz she is ‘The Angelina Jolie’ and well, her reputation goes back a long way. When Liev Schreiber worked with the Eternal actress in Salt, he felt very anxious around her, but do you know how he diffused the s*xual tension between them? Scroll ahead to get the scoop!

While Angelina played a CIA agent, Liev was seen as a CIA division head who, in the film, Salt chases her down. While any chasing sequences are enough to make anyone feel nervous, Liev had to chase Angelina down, quite a task!

In an interview with Cinemabled, when Liev Schreiber was asked whether he knew Angelina Jolie before Salt or not, the actor had said, “I hadn’t known her very well, at all. I was very nervous in the beginning. I get very nervous around famous people and I get nervous around beautiful women. This was a big double whammy for me and initially really uncomfortable, which was worrying me. I felt like the important part of the job for me was to develop familiarity with her because that was the humanizing factor.”

Going further in the conversation, Liev Schreiber had confessed how he diffused the s*xual tension between him and Angelina Jolie by talking about their kids. “But then we bonded over kids very quickly. I have 2 small kids and she has 2 small kids and it quickly became, “Oh you’re doing time-outs now? That’s just teething.” And all the s*xual tension went out of the room. All the anxiety about her being very famous and a super-human celebrity kind of went away and I found this very nice easy person that I could relate to,” Liev revealed.

Jolie can be seen in a drag role in Salt, and while Schreiber had already done it in Taking Woodstock, the actor claimed that she is a very powerful actress in Hollywood who knows what she wants to do.

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