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Is Gal Gadot always right? It looks like the actress will continue playing the female Maravilla in James Gunn’s DCU.

James Gunn’s DCU will be full of surprises (or disgust) for fans hoping for the return of France, whose works are based on DC comics. Various productions have been announced, including ones that will star some of the most famous superheroes such as Superman and Batman, although no one has confirmed exactly what will happen with Wonder Woman. However, a new rumor says that Gal Gadot may turn into paper.

Although it was assumed that with this restoration, Henry Cavill and the rest of the actors who studied in the Snyder Version era would be replaced to give rise to new versions of the superheroes. James Gunn you must also speak as effectively as possible on a given topic Superman: Legacy This was confirmed and a new list was presented, but various characters are still in some kind of dear limbo for the public. In this moment, Gal Gadot I’ll be a star Wonder Woman 3a sequel to Patty Jenkins’ 1984 Mujer Maravilla (76%), but it was believed that the project would not be the same as the story of the new directors.

Luego, the actress told me that I had a meeting with James Gunn th Peter Safran, executives at DC Films, who told them they didn’t have to worry because “he’s in good hands” and that they would release a third Lady Maravilla movie with the actress in mind for the mainstream newspaper. She confirmed this USA today while promoting a recent film. Gunn hasn’t spoken on the topic, but they have been busy reporting on what will happen in the film. Now things have taken a turn that seems to indicate that the actress may have had reason to weigh in on subsequent comments (see below). MUP).

Gal Gadot is currently playing ¡Shazam!  La Furia de los Dioses (Image: DC Unlimited)


Gal Gadot is currently playing ¡Shazam! La Furia de los Dioses (Image: DC Unlimited)

Will Gal Gadot return to Washington as the Maravilla Woman?

Insider MyTimeToShineHello posted a message on the platform Gal Gadot will play the role of the Woman of Maravilla in France, director James Gunn. We know that the film that the director has planned is not currently in production stage, but this does not mean that he is going to leave the heroine aside as she is one of the main figures of DC Comics and its live-action films. -action is the reason that these projects will always have many people interested in them.

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It has now been confirmed that the TV series will be linked to Max, Warner Bros.’ streaming platform. Discovery, called lost heaven. This production will be part of the first chapter of content called “Gods and Monsters”, and it was then announced that the series will be a Game of Thrones (59%) style, focusing on the history of Themyscira.

Of course, you always have to wait for official confirmation, but at the moment France is involved in the construction process and you haven’t even heard the basics of what might happen in the future. Yes, DC did not remain idle thanks to the fact that the studio decided to launch the projects that they were asked to do without importing, which in a certain way they were destined to fall apart in taquila, because something that was definitely putting pressure on the public’s expectations is that it works on the France update and that games released in the last few months may not live up to what Gunn does. But there is no official message yet, these are just speculations.

You should also write this down normally James Gunn comes to dispel rumors in social circles, given that at that moment I said that the news about the casting for the role of Superman was not true, and after a short time the actor chosen for the newspaper was revealed, as well as his companions on the list. France still needs time to sort out all the details.

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