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Scarlett Johansson and others: new beauty brands from stars

More and more stars are appearing in the world beauty, with brands ranging from skin care to color cosmetics, from nutritional supplements to fragrances. A few days ago, the brand of 38-year-old actress Scarlett Johansson entered the American retail chain Nordstrom.

Beauty brand Scarlett Johansson

Called Startand promises products for gentle, natural, effective and vegan skin care. At the event Scarlettwho uses social networks only to appear on a brand’s profile, was accompanied by her co-founder Kate Foster and was wearing an oversized gray suit. Together, the two women showed off the display, beaming.

She’s certainly not the only one

Another actress who has plunged into a beauty adventure is Michelle Pfeiffer, who, however, chose to pursue a career in perfumery. His unisex perfume brand is called Henry Rose. In the arena too Hailey BieberWith Rhodes.

What do young people choose?

Also Gwen Stefani he quit GXVE. The collection is inspired by her iconic makeup looks from the past, between No Doubt and her solo career, so it’s no surprise that lipstick is among the top products, but there’s more to it than that. When talking about celebrity beauty brands, it is impossible not to mention them. Rare beautySelena Gomez and FentyBeauty, Rihanna. was the first to enter this business with incredible results.

Jennifer Lopez goes all in

The most popular launches also include Jennifer Lopez, who decided to go overboard while also doing Beauty (with JLo Beauty) than the body (con JLo Body). Treatment for the whole body, the motto of which is: “Beauty has no expiration date.” His bestseller? Cream for strengthening the buttocks. And looking at her, it’s hard not to try.

And the next one?

If you delve further into the world of pop music, it is impossible not to mention Madonna, with MDNA skin AND Lady GagaWith House Labs. In short, celebrities love to feel like entrepreneurs, and it’s anyone’s guess who will be the next celebrity to enter the world.

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