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“Why is she so young and he’s so much older?”: Sofia Coppola Defends Her Controversial Scarlett Johansson Film That Made Marvel Star Extremely Miserable

In 2003, filmmaker Sofia Coppola directed Lost In Translation starring Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray. The arthouse dramedy dealt with the touching story of a jaded American movie star and a young college student who find a connection with each other. The film won Coppola an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay and was critically lauded by audiences and critics.

Sofia Coppola
Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray on the sets of Lost in Translation

Lost In Translation featured a relationship between a much older Bill Murray who romanced a 17-year-old Scarlett Johansson. While Coppola did not consider this significant age gap as jarring or out of the ordinary at the time, the director confessed that the concept did not age well over the years, especially with her children who questioned this aspect in the film.

Sofia Coppola Had To Answer Some Uncomfortable Questions About Lost In Translation

Lost In Translation directed by Sofia Coppola, is still considered one of the filmmaker’s best works and one that got her recognition as a gifted writer as well. The film featured an unlikely relationship between two characters who were far apart in age with Bill Murray being 52 and Scarlett Johansson being 17. While Coppola was completely comfortable exploring this age gap at the time, she realized that 20 years later, her children had a different opinion about the relationship. Speaking to Rolling Stone, the Marie Antoinette director said,

“I showed it to my kids a few years ago when we were going to Tokyo and staying at the Park Hyatt, and that was the first time I’d watched it in a while, and they were like, ‘Why is she so young and he’s so much older?’”

Lost in translation
Sofia Coppola’s kids found the age gap between the characters in Lost in Translation odd

Coppola also revealed that despite being much younger and closer to Scarlett Johansson’s age at the time of writing the film, she did not give much thought to this age difference and did not consider it as odd. The Oscar winner also added that she preferred not to over analyze her labor of love and maintained the fact that the nuances of the relationship worked for her.

Sofia Coppola Lends Support To Actors’ Strike

Among the many top celebrities who have backed the Writers and Actors Strike, Oscar winning filmmaker and writer Sofia Coppola is one of them. The director who was recently at the Venice Film Festival after 20 years to premier her film Priscilla, took the opportunity to voice her opinions on the ongoing Strike.

Sofia Coppola
Oscar winning director Sofia Coppola

Clarifying that she was promoting and supporting her independent film and crew, Coppola added that she was completely behind the Union and all the hard work they were doing to ensure fair compensation for all artists. The writer-director also went on to state her wish that the issues surrounding the Strike be resolved soon and that everyone could get back to working and receiving the appreciation that they all deserved.

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