Scarlett Johansson

“She must’ve thought I was crazy”: Scarlett Johansson Had a “Fire in my brain” When She Was Only 3, Knew What She Wanted To Do

At the age of three, when most children are still getting to know their surroundings, Scarlett Johansson seems to have a distinct point of view.

The actress has been a mainstay in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years after making her debut in the fantasy comedy North in 1994. Johansson has made a name for herself as a household name thanks to her breakthrough performances in box office hits like Lost in Translation, Her, Marriage Story, Under the Skin, and, of course, The Avengers (2012) and Black Widow (2021).

In fact, it is challenging to find many roles in Johansson’s filmography that are not utter legends!

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson

But did you know that Johansson knew from a young age what she wanted to do with her life, setting out on a path that would ultimately mold her into the renowned actress she is today?

Scarlett Johansson Has Always Been Clear About Her Goals 

At a startlingly young age, Scarlett Johansson’s passion for acting struck like a bolt of lightning from the heavens. The actress, who was 13 at the time, admitted this during her previous visit on the Late Show with David Letterman:

“I always wanted to be an actress, I mean, ever since, I can remember.”

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson

Johansson, now 38, actually recognized and embraced her fierce passion for acting when she was just 3 years old:

“I remember when I was three telling my mom that I had a fire in my brain to act, and she must have thought that I was crazy or something.” 

Moreover, she used the ELLE Women in Hollywood event, which took place in 2019, as an opportunity to reflect on her career working with female filmmakers:

“I feel spoiled because since early childhood, it always seemed possible to me that women could do every job in this industry, and had a place in this industry, because of what I had experienced.”

The actress even reflected on her passion for acting, which had existed since she was a young child:

“And so my mom did what any mom would do when her child continuously nags her to audition and spends every waking hour making up play scenarios for every doll and imaginary friend and family member: She enrolled me in the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. And the burning passion for drama, and the commitment her young daughter had to work and learn and get better, was enough for my mom to scrape together what little extra there was to make my dreams possible.”

Scarlett Johansson was ‘Rejected Constantly’ in Her Career

Scarlett Johansson‘s unwavering drive and exceptional talent led to her success and paved the way for her remarkable journey in Hollywood. However, she has not always had it easy in Hollywood.

The Oscar-nominated actress, who got her start in small roles in movies like Home Alone 3 and The Horse Whisperer, admitted in a Parade interview:

“Since a very young age, I’ve been rejected constantly. When people starting out ask me for advice, I always say to stay open-minded, because you never know.”

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson

It was openly acknowledged by the actress that she was not even the first choice to play Black Widow. She claimed that she had a “wonderful” meeting with Jon Favreau, the director of Iron Man 2:

“I was really excited to work with him [Jon Favreau], so I said, ‘If this doesn’t work out, I’m an actor for hire, so call me anytime.’” 

Johansson landed the role after Emily Blunt, the first choice, had to withdraw due to scheduling conflicts. The Lucy actress then recalled:

“The best call you can receive is after you are rejected for something and then you get it. You appreciate it more. I’ve basically made a career out of being second choice.”

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow
Black Widow

Johansson will next be seen in Greg Berlanti’s upcoming film, Project Artemis, which also stars Channing Tatum, Jim Rash, and Ray Romano. The film will be released on Apple TV+.

Meanwhile, Black Widow can be streamed on Disney Plus.

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