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Arnold Schwarzenegger Touched Gal Gadot’s Heart With His Anti-Hatred Gesture in Auschwitz

Hollywood action icon and 7-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger, keeps winning hearts and the internet time and again. The 76-year-old who leads a selfless fitness reform through his Pump Club venture also holds massive philanthropic outreach. The actor had last year visited Auschwitz and spread his message of anti-hatred while meeting Holocaust survivors. His actions have touched upon Gal Gadot’s heart and her connection to the unfortunate historical event.

In one of her press tours for Heart Of Stone, Gadot opened up on what she felt of Schwarzenegger’s visit to the town. And it is nothing short of touching.

Gal Gadot lays out her heartfelt thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger

Gadot’s grandfather is a Holocaust survivor who had to face the horror of losing his entire family. Thus, Schwarzenegger’s actions touched upon the Fast Five actress’ heart. Time and again, she has highlighted her loss and expressed grief for the event. As per Cinemablend, when Gal Gadot met Arnold Schwarzenegger, she “was thanking him for going to Auschwitz, to the camp…”


The actress resonated with the legend’s words when she, too, expressed her deep desire for peace and hope that such an event never again takes place in human history. Arnold Schwarzenegger visited the site of the holocaust last year and then spoke at length about fighting against hatred at the Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation. The FUBAR star’s message of peace and unity has won him awards from the foundation.

As reported by Fortune, the star called to end discrimination and hatred and “terminate it once and for all.” The bodybuilding legend’s father was a soldier for the Nazi army during World War II. In pursuit of righting his father’s wrongs, the actor is in a relentless pursuit to achieve world peace, something which he also asked for on his 76th birthday wishlist.

While Gal Gadot’s press interviews are speaking for her movie Heart Of Stone, critics and audiences have already given their take on it.

Heart Of Stone fails to win over critics and audiences’ hearts

Netflix’s Heart Of Stone starring Gal Gadot released to worldwide audiences on August 11 this year. Amidst much fanfare from the studio to turn it into a thrilling franchise as Mission: Impossible, the first installment lacked the punches to achieve that feat. Although Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hollywood’s action icon and Netflix’s chief action officer himself had given his stamp of approval to the project, it did not take off as expected.

The movie faltered in its writing and approach. The movie has a 29% percent critics rating and a 54% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes as of now. As such, Gadot is in dire need of upgrades. Notably, the film included a stellar cast, including Gadot, Jamie Dornan, Matthias Schweighöfer, and even the Bollywood queen, Alia Bhatt. Nonetheless, the audience complained of lackluster writing and a generic approach which dented the movie’s outlook.

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