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Gal Gadot Wore Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Promoting ‘Heart of Stone’

Gal Gadot – who is the current cover model for the July 2023 issue of Vogue Hong Kong – has been busy promoting her new film, ‘Heart of Stone.’

As we all know, Gal Gadot is an all-black-all-of-the-time girl now, and I have to say, I’m not mad about her new black era.

While I didn’t ever feel that she needed to switch things up, I have enjoyed all the looks she has presented during this era, and that includes this Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Fall 2023 halter and wide-leg trouser look.

Why am I buying into leather looks during the summer season?

In this case I love how Lorenzo Serafini serves up a soft side to leatherwear, with these relaxed silhouettes that champions a supple composition ensuring a relaxed fit that is – in this case – undeniably chic.

Tiffany & Co. jewels completed her look.

Stylist: Karla Welch.

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Fall 2023

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