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Angelina Jolie Continues To Fight Brad Pitt In Court, Despite Their Kids Begging To Stop Years-Long Battle

Angelina is determined to keep sole custody, even though their kids are "fine" seeing Brad.

It’s been four years since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie finalized their divorce. But the former couple continues to fight each other in court, and it’s apparently taken a toll on their children.

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Angelina Wants To Keep Sole Custody, But The Kids Are “Fine” With Brad

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Brad and Angelina are currently entangled in a number of legal cases, including over custody as well as marital assets. There have been rumors that Brad has a strained relationship with their six kids, and moreover, that Angelina has discouraged their relationship.

However, their children are reportedly begging their parents to resolve the custody dispute, for their sake. “Angelina doesn’t want to let her fight for sole custody go, but the children are growing up, and even they tell their mom it’s time to stop,” a source told Radar Online.

Despite allegations that Brad’s relationship with his kids is tenuous, the insider said they’re all “fine” with him, with “maybe the exception of Maddox, they all actually like him.”

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“That really gets under Angie’s skin,” the source noted. “If she has her way, she’ll continue to battle Brad for years. It’s become a part of her.”

The source emphasized that Angelina is the issue, not Brad, claiming the actress won’t let go of the custody case. “Brad would have settled things a long time ago, and at this point he’s spent millions on legal fees. They both have. The situation is ridiculous,” they explained.

Brad and Angelina’s custody situation has changed numerous times throughout the years. She was originally given physical custody after she left Brad in 2016 following an incident on a private jet in which he allegedly assaulted Angelina and their kids. An FBI investigation later cleared Brad of wrongdoing.

Brad was granted joint custody briefly in 2021, though Angelina later won an appeal, which returned Brad to only having visitation rights. His court-mandated visits only apply to their minor children (two of their kids are legal adults).

Angelina reportedly refuses to give up sole custody of her minor children, which is why the exes are still disputing the arrangement in court.

Custody Isn’t The Only Thing Brad & Angelina Are Disputing In Court

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Brad and Angelina are also arguing over a completely other dispute, not related to their children – the French winery they use to own together. Brad sued his ex-wife in 2021 after she sold her stakes to a Russian businessman, Yuri Shefler, which h claims was a move to hurt his reputation. Brad also alleges Angelina did so without his knowledge and consent.

“She sold her interest with the knowledge and intention that Shefler and his affiliates would seek to control the business to which Pitt had devoted himself and to undermine Pitt’s investment in Miraval,” the lawsuit argues.

Not only does Brad want damages, but for Angelina’s sales to be declared illegal.

The former couple were together for a decade before tying the knot in 2014. They originally met while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Brad and Angelina adopted three kids and had three biological children during their relationship. Hopefully, for their kids’ sake, they can resolve their legal disputes sooner than later.

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