Gal Gadot

‘Heart of Stone’ trailer sees Gal Gadot in an action-packed spy thriller

She stars alongside Jamie Dornan and Alia Bhatt.

The premise of this Netflix spy thriller, directed by the BAFTA-nominated Tom Harper, is finally revealed as its release approaches. In Netflix’s Heart of Stone, Gal Gadot plays Rachel Stone, a highly-trained secret agent for MI6, the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service. But Stone is living more than one life, and also working for a covert peacekeeping organization.

The film is said to be the start of a Mission: Impossible-style franchise(opens in a new tab), with Gadot taking on a 007 persona. And the trailer promises plenty of high-octane action.

Heart of Stone also stars Jamie Dornan as Gadot’s boss at the MI6, and Alia Bhatt, making her Hollywood debut as a hacker who derails Stone’s mission.

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