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Margot Robbie and Gal Gadot, Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts and actresses we’d love to see share the screen one day!

Hollywood is known as the factory of dreams. Since its inception, the most enchanting film industry in the world has been selling the impossible, the fantastic and the magical. Anything is possible in movies. It is possible to fall in love with the stars and the stars and their characters. We all have our favorite movies that we watch again and again. Movie watchers are dreamers and sentimentalists. We all have our favorite stars and stars too. Productions become more special with him on screen. An even greater joy is the partnership created by millions upon seeing two of our favorite actors on stage together. After all, if alone they’re worth sleeping over, imagine together.

We’ve had unforgettable pairings throughout the history of Seventh Art, repeated in a few different movies. On the other hand, there is also that branch of dreams that will never come true, remaining only in our imagination, such as Marilyn Monroe it is Audrey Hepburn, Fast forward to today, it was recently announced that the stars Angelina Jolie it is Halle BerryThe two Academy Award winners, who have both directed major blockbusters, will share the screen for the first time in an action-spy thriller titled ‘Title’.Maude Vs. Maud, Of course, we’re counting the days until production begins, because it’s something special to see these two iconic actresses on stage together for the first time.

Inspired by this exciting news, we decided to dream some more and think about the star pairs we would love to see in a film together. Watch it below and join the fun by leaving in the comments which actresses you would like to see together too.

Two of DC Studio’s biggest musicals, which helped propel the publisher’s universe into cinema, starring Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman, respectively. The blonde and brunette gave it their all and were the most admired elements of this brief recap of DC’s 10 years on film. The promise is now, as everyone knows, for a reboot ordered by james gunn, in which we will have a new Superman, a new Batman, and so on. movies made by zack snyder It may not have gone according to plan, but if there are two items that caught fans’ attention, it was the performance margot robbie as Harley Quinn (in ‘suicide squad,birds of prey‘ it is ‘suicide squad‘) it is girl gadot as Wonder Woman (in ‘BVS,wonder woman,Justice League‘ it is ‘Wonder Woman 1984,

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The most interesting thing is to realize that even when those movies weren’t good, the girls’ performances were pretty strong. Coincidentally, it was thanks to these performances that both actresses became internationally renowned stars, so it’s safe to say that Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman were responsible for making them what they are. margot robbie it is girl gadot are today His performance is so grand that james gunn There hasn’t been talk of replacing them just yet, meaning we could see the actresses again in their respective roles within the new DC. This?

That’s why it will be interesting to see its name Robbie it is gadot Acting together for the first time. Even if they do return to their respective characters, the chances of seeing the pair sharing the screen in some DC production are slim. Therefore, we have to bet on some original product. margot robbie, aged 32, is the most distinguished with 2 Oscar nominations. But he also likes to make “popcorn movies”, and he’s getting ready to release the film.barbie, already Israeli girl gadot38 years old specializes in action films, and will be launched this yearagent stone‘, going all Angelina Jolie. The project uniting the two would work as an action thriller, a thriller or even a comedy.

We now move on to two of the most talented young actresses of our generation who started their film careers almost at the same time. In fact, Jennifer Lawrence it is Emma Stone They are friends in real life, have a similar “joke” style and have already revealed they are looking for a project to star in together. In other words, Hollywood needs to get it done.

Jennifer Lawrence Came to prominence in 2010, and took home the Best Actress Oscar in 2013 for ‘.the good side of life, This year the young star is gearing up for the release of the comedy Escrachada.what time shall i pick you up‘, a type of film I was not used to making, but shows that it is versatile and knows how to have fun with lighter films. Lawrence, 32, has done everything from dramas, blockbusters, action films, thrillers and intimate features. for the same crop Emma Stone He’s also had a varied career, which includes everything from blockbusters, dramas, to more intimate films, and comedies. Stone also came to prominence in 2010 and her statuette will be revealed in 2017 as Best Actress for ‘La la Land’,

Emma StoneAt 34, launched ‘Asli’ this yearpoor things‘, In yorgos lanthimosDirector ofprawn fish‘ it is ‘Favorite‘ – a reimagining of ‘bride of frankenstein, In fact, Stone and Lawrence, who had always been seen as the two “girls”, decided to make a turn in their careers, accepting more serious, adult and daring roles, which included nude scenes in their films. to show that they are indeed two beautiful women. However, a project that would unite the two on screen for the first time had to be comical first and foremost, and needed to reflect the personalities of the friends off screen. That is, it has to be a smart, funny production that helps them bring out their best features.

Now we move on to the two great giants who were once known as “America’s Sweethearts”. Julia Roberts charmed the world witha beautiful woman‘, back in the 1990s. It was this film that marked a major turning point in the career of the talented actress, making her an international star forever. After that, Julia Roberts, 55, did all kinds of movies, but fans always loved seeing her in romance novels, like ‘My friend’s marriage,a place called notting hill‘ it is ‘eat Pray Love’, Last year she deliveredticket to heaven‘, and promises its first partnership with Netflix on thrillers this year’leave the world behind,

Oh yes, Julia Roberts For which she received an Oscar statuette as Best Actress.Erin Brockovich‘ in 2001. Sandra Bullock Started his career around the same time, but only achieved prominence in 1994 with ‘Maximum speed, After that, she would also act in novels and would also be known as “America’s Sweetheart”. Bullock arrived to fill the void left by Roberts, at a time when Roberts was not doing well. Thus, Bullock, age 58, became the “new Julia Roberts”, even though she was older than the “original”. Oh yeah, Bullock even has her own Best Actress statue at the Oscars for ‘a possible dreamin 2010.

Of course, we’d love to see these two legends of romance and comedy share the stage together, even if just for once. And if they want to be downright daring and revolutionize their filmography, they can star in a romantic comedy… without any men. That is, in a lesbian romantic comedy, two middle-aged women with each other being the romantic interest. It would be difficult for studios to approve the idea. But it would be interesting. and something extraordinary.

Now we move on to two Hollywood B-team actresses whose specialty is taking out zombies, vampires and werewolves. Ukrainian milla jovovich and British Kate Beckinsale He also began his career in a more “serious” way, acting in plays. Both have worked with the best directors like before Martin Scorseserichard linklater it is spike lee, But in the 2000s, Jovovich and Beckinsale marked their careers with two very girlpower action, fantasy, and horror franchises, but which were never, so to speak, unanimous critical successes.

milla jovovichAt age 47, Will brings new energy to her career as Alice, the protagonist of the first film adaptation of the play’resident Evil‘ in 2002. if the oscar winner Angelina Jolie did withtomb Raider‘, there was no reason Jovovich couldn’t do the same, right? The film was so successful that it spawned a franchise of at least 6 films. And if the actress wants to return, we are sure that it will be successful again – the public did not accept even a reboot of the franchise in the cinema with other actors. Kate Beckinsale, at age 49, plays with the mythology of vampires and werewolves a year later, in a film that is not a video game adaptation, in a “Romeo and Juliet”-like tale. , ,night angels‘ (Underworld) premiered in 2003 and featured a total of 5 movies.

Kate Beckinsale She has already given an interview that she will only return to the role of vampire Selene if there is a crossover with Blade. However, we think with a crossover milla jovovich and its Alice, both as franchises’resident eveIl’ it is ‘underworld‘ is owned by Sony Studios. Well, if that is difficult to do, at least the actresses work together in an action project where they can either face each other (to find out who is the toughest 50 kg ) or cooperate together by sending dead bodies along the way.

Youth Zendaya Has been on top of the world for a few years. The actress with the charming name at the age of 26 left the children’s programs and conquered the world thanks to the series ‘Excitement‘ from HBO, where she was able to show all her dramatic and mature talent in the role of a drug addict. In addition, it is in some of the most popular superproductions today, as in franchises.Spider Man‘In the MCU,’Dune‘ – is preparing for the release of the second part this year. Obviously, Zendaya will be looking for more mature work.

Jenna Ortega Is new Zendaya, What does it mean? This means that you are the new cute girl of the moment. Ortega, 20, also quit children’s shows and has become the new “scream queen” of the moment. The young woman has appeared in horror or drama horror productions. The highlight of this moment in his career is the series vandinha‘, from Netflix, Joe’the addams family‘ for new times, creating a teen series with the title character as the protagonist. It became a phenomenon with children and teenagers. Prior to this, Ortega had already participated in Heavy-Duty Terror’X – The Mark of Death‘And the franchise is currently in revitalization’panic‘ in the role of Tara. Soon she will toobeet juice 2,

It would be interesting to see a film uniting these two “It Girls” of recent years. The talented young ladies prove they work in lighter and more comedic roles as well as in more tense and serious storylines. Therefore, Ling will be in charge of the customer. or producer.

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