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Inside Gal Gadot’s $5 million penthouse, with photos

After taking up minor roles, Gal Gadot turned some heads in Fast Five before making a major breakout by making the iconic superhero Wonder Woman come to life for DC Studios. Gadot is a Jupiter Award winner, a People’s Choice Award nominee, and a Critics Choice Super Awards nominee. With Gadot’s rise to stardom, have you ever wondered how the Israeli actress lives? Well, wonder no more. This article features Gal Gadot’s $5 million penthouse in Malibu, California.

Around the same year Gadot reprised the role of Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman 1984, she treated herself by buying an oceanfront penthouse in Malibu. The property was once owned by Miss Universe 1988 winner Bui Simon, who is a Thai philanthropist and the wife of Indiana Pacers owner Herbert Simon. For the property purchase, the Wonder Woman star shelled out $5 million.

Here are some photos of Gal Gadot’s $5 million penthouse in Malibu, California.



Photos courtesy of: Dirt

Originally built in 1984, Gadot’s penthouse includes two bedrooms and three bathrooms. Since Simon’s acquisition, the property has gone through several renovations since then. It features a spacious living room with a fireplace, tall glass doors, a modern kitchen equipped with high quality appliances that shares the same space as the dining area, a family room, and a master bedroom with two bathrooms.

Outside the home, Gadot can enjoy the fresh air from her penthouse’s balcony, which also includes an outdoor dining area. From her balcony, Gadot can also enjoy breathtaking views of the Malibu sunsets and the ocean. Given that it is a penthouse, the Wonder Woman star will have to shell out an additional $1,240 on a monthly basis to enjoy the amenities.


Ever since starring as Wonder Woman, Gadot has garnered plenty of fame which led to more starring roles and higher salary paychecks. Furthermore, Gadot has also earned several endorsement deals. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Gadot has a net worth of around $30 million. If that isn’t enough, her husband Yaron Varsano is also a successful Tel Aviv real estate developer.

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