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The art and tech trend exacerbates *several* major issues women face.

The Lensa AI app has generated thousands of images as the art trend reaches its peak — but at what cost? It’s caused controversy over the use of artist’s work — without their consent — and now, actor Megan Fox revealed her Lensa generated photos questioning another consent issue.

In her Instagram post shared on December 9, Fox questioned why her AI generated photos were so heavily sexualized. “Were everyone’s avatars equally as sexual? Like, why are most of mine naked?? ?” she asked in the caption. Fans immediately ran to the app bashing her for blaming the app. In their words, “Cuz all your photos are sensual….. can’t create something that isn’t there.”


She quickly replied “Sigh, I was being sarcastic. How can everyone think I lack this level of awareness.” However, after some research, we found that Fox was not the only one with this “issue.” Where some blame her for being sensual, the case is invalid because other women have had similar, highly sexualized experiences — with AI pushup bras and all — even when inputting fully clothed images, and pretending to be men. So not only does the Lensa app steal artwork, including those copyrighted, but, it also sexualizes people without consent.

It gets worse, however. The over-sexualization has people wondering is nudes may have been uploaded to help the app generate sensual-leaning photos, as well. This means that erotic, nude works would have been stolen to create the app. Other noted issues with the app are lightening the skin tone of people of color and even a fetish for certain races.

Essentially, the entire app is operating without a major piece: consent.

View the tweets below for more on the app’s negative impact.




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