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Brad Pitt’s Ex-wife Angelina Jolie is Now Obsessed With 26-Year Old Irish Heartthrob Paul Mescal

It has been the better half of a decade since the split of the Hollywood power couple popularly known as ‘Brangelina.’ After their divorce, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have stayed out of contact with each other, focusing on their own private lives for the past six years. Fans were truly heartbroken when they received the news of the revered duo calling it quits after a decade of a successful marriage.

Angelina Jolie divorced Brad Pitt, ending 'Brangelina'
Angelina Jolie divorced Brad Pitt, ending ‘Brangelina’

And even until a few weeks ago, both of them seemed to be living their private and single lives peacefully. But with recent sightings, it seems to like Jolie has finally decided to get back into the game. During a normal day on the streets of London, people caught her and Irish actor Paul Mescal conversing with each other while having coffee at a cafe, sparking rumors about both stars, which was further substantiated by an inside source.

Angelina Jolie Is Infatuated By Paul Mescal?

Angelina Jolie and Paul Mescal hang out together in London
Angelina Jolie and Paul Mescal hang out together in London

It seems like yesterday that the Mr. and Mrs. Smith stars were enjoying each other’s company, but as people look at the calendar, they realize that six years have passed since they divorced each other. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie might not be together anymore, but people are still curious about who these superstars are in a relationship with after the split. While Pitt is reportedly in an ‘Official’ relationship with Ines de Ramon, Jolie might also finally be interested in someone else.

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After a recent picture of the Tomb Raider star surfaced online, people made out the fact that she was actually at Almeida Café & Bar in London, where she was accompanied by Normal People star Paul Mescal and her 16-year-old daughter Shiloh. An insider source tells about how Jolie has been ‘quietly infatuated’ by the star for his looks, as well as his recent performance in the play A Streetcar Named Desire. The source says:

“Ange was a huge fan of Normal People and became obsessed with Paul, following his career closely and even writing to him. They stayed in contact, and when she got in touch to say she was coming to watch him in his new play with her 16-year-old daughter, Shiloh, He was the one who initiated the coffee afterwards, which she was incredibly excited by,”

The source also reveals that Mescal may also be interested in Jolie after rumors about him splitting up with his girlfriend Phoebe Bridges started to make the rounds.

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What To Expect From Angelina Jolie Next?

Angelina Jolie as Thena in Eternals
Angelina Jolie as Thena in Eternals

Whether Mescal and Jolie will become a thing in the future, only time will tell. But in the meantime, the Maleficent actor has many projects on her plate that needs her attention. Apart from her addition to the MCU from Marvel Studios’ Eternals, which will likely receive another installment after the events of the films, she is also involved in upcoming projects like Every Note Played and The Kept, all of which are yet to provide more details.

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