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Zendaya would replace Gal Gadot in this movie

The actress of Euphoria You will be meeting a director you have worked with on another occasion in your career.

The next movie of Cleopatra recently made headlines with the surprise replacement of gal gadot as the main protagonist. According to journalist jeff sneiderthe actress zendayaknown for her work on Euphoriahas been chosen to play the queen of the Nile in this epic film.

But that’s not all, the director has also changed. Rather Patty Jenkinswho led Gadot in the two movies Wonder WomanDenis Villeneuvefamous for his work on Dunewill take the reins of Cleopatra. Movie fans are looking forward to seeing what villeneuve can contribute to this ambitious project

It is worth noting that zendaya has already worked with villeneuve in Dunewhere he played chani. She was both an actress in the first part and in the second, which is currently being filmed with a view to being released in November of this year. Without a doubt, we are talking about one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

Unfortunately, for Patty Jenkins the cancellation of projects is not something foreign to her. Recently, Disney announced the suspension of filming Rogue Squadronthe new film of Star Wars that Jenkins would direct. Not too many details have been revealed about the reasons for both suspensions.

+ Will Gal Gadot continue to be Wonder Woman?

Spoiler alert! Although gal gadot had a cameo in the recent movie “Shazam!”it seems that he will not play the role of Wonder Woman in future installments of the cinematic universe of DC. It is rumored that James Gunn is working on a new superheroine story with a younger version of the character.

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