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Gigi Hadid HOT Photos: Supermodel ramps up hotness with her sultry looks in bikini

Best loved by fans globally for her impeccable fashion sense and a globally renowned style icon, Here is the diva Gigi Hadid's hottest bikini looks so far.

Loved globally for her stunning looks and the youngest globally prominent fashion icon, Gigi Hadid is a big name today to reckon with. The actress and model has served a dose of allure and desire in her scintillating bikini looks, which has  soared the temperature on the ‘gram.

Image: Gigi Hadid / Instagram

Gigi Hadid looks stunning in her faint yellow-colored bikini. She is giving a sensual pose at the camera lens. She is flaunting her toned abs and body in the picture.

Image: Gigi Hadid / Instagram

Gigi Hadid, the renowned global supermodel, looks breathtaking in this risque blue and white colored skirt with a bare upper body. She is holding her puppy that covers her body from the front and looking sideways at the camera lens. Gigi has opted for a no-make-up look with blonde hairs.

Image: Gigi Hadid / Instagram

In this one, the global fashion icon and TV personality Gigi Hadid is flaunting her toned abs and body in the faint yellow-colored bikini. She gives titillating looks by holding her yellow bottoms as she looks downwards at the lens.

Image: Gigi Hadid / Instagram

In this picture, Gigi Hadid has captured the hearts and eyeballs of fans with her risque white Chanel bottoms, which are clipped and joined with black and white straps that smartly conceal her breast area and flaunts her cleavage as well.

Image: Gigi Hadid / Instagram

In this picture, Gigi Hadid gives sexy and sizzling poses in her risque and daring white Chanel bottoms. The bottoms are again clipped and joined with white and black straps, which smartly conceal her breast area. The quirky yet risque ensemble Chanel outfit flaunted her cleavage and toned abs. Gigi accentuated her sizzling seductress look here with a white woolen open jacket in this monochromatic picture.

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