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Megan Reportedly Found ‘DM’s & Texts’ That Made Her Believe MGK Was ‘Having An Affair’—Where They Stand Now

After she hinted at infidelity in an Instagram post with Beyonce’s lyrics, “You can taste the dishonesty / it’s all over your breath”, fans are wondering who Machine Gun Kelly cheated on Megan Fox with and whether it was his guitarist, Sophie Lloyd.

Fox and Kelly announced their engagement in January 2022 after a little over a year of dating. “In July of 2020 we sat under this banyan tree,” Fox wrote in the announcement post to social media. “We asked for magic. We were oblivious to the pain we would face together in such a short, frenetic period of time. Unaware of the work and sacrifices the relationship would require from us but intoxicated off of the love. And the karma. Somehow a year and a half later, having walked through hell together, and having laughed more than I ever imagined possible, he asked me to marry him. And just as in every lifetime before this one, and as in every lifetime that will follow it, I said yes.…and then we drank each other’s blood. 1.11.22 .”

On February 12, 2023, though, Fox deleted all evidence of their relationship on Instagram and hours later, deactivated her account completely. Here’s how she responded to those cheating rumors.

Who did Machine Gun Kelly cheat on Megan Fox with?

Who did Machine Gun Kelly cheat on Megan Fox with? According to Megan Fox, MGK did not cheat on anyone. On February 19, 2023, Fox reactivated her Instagram to address the rumors. “There has been no third party interference in this relationship of any kind. That includes, but is not limited to…actual humans, DMs, AI bots or succubus demons,” she wrote. “While I do hate to rob you of running random baseless news stories that would have been much more accurately written by ChatGPT, you need to let this story die and leave all of these innocent people alone now.”

The rumors started when Megan posted a picture of herself on Instagram on February 12, 2022, with a caption derived from Beyoncé’s “Pray You Catch Me” from her 2017 album Lemonade. “You can taste the dishonesty / it’s all over your breath.” the caption said referencing the lyrics. The last photo in the carousel includes her appearing to burn some letters. When Megan still had her Instagram, fans thought that the infidelity was with his guitarist Sophie Lloyd. The last photo on Fox’s Instagram before she deleted her account included her appearing to burn some letters. A fan commented on the post by speculating that Baker might have cheated on Fox with his guitarist Sophie Lloyd by writing: “He probably got with Sophie.” Fox responded jokingly: “Maybe I got with Sophie,” coupled with a flame emoji.

Lloyd’s management dubbed the unfounded rumors “disrespectful”. In a statement issued to Page Six, her team said: “Sophie Lloyd is a professional, accomplished musician who has been needlessly dragged into the media based off of meritless accusations made by social media. Any suggestion that she has ever acted in an unprofessional manner or stepped out of her relationship are untrue. It’s disrespectful to her as a female artist and poor journalism and social commentary to be reporting anything else.”

When she reactivated Fox Instagram, she posted in support of MGK’s guitarist. “How me making a joke in order to absolve this girl of a hurtful accusation somehow turned into a confirmation of it—I will never understand,” she wrote. “Why are people so….so dumb.” She continued, “Sophie you are insanely talented. Welcome to Hollywood. Your first unwarranted PR disaster. You have now been baptized by the flames of fame. It only gets worse from here unfortunately. Just ignore it as much as you can. ❤️middle finger up.” Lloyd replied, “The internet is so wild! Sending so much love.”

Machine Gun Kelly, Sophie Lloyd. Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

A source told <href=””>Entertainmentnighton the day her Instagram disappeared that the pair had been out at parties together “every night” and “seemed fine” but his mood appeared to change. “Megan and MGK have been together all of Super Bowl weekend. They’ve been out at parties together every night, including last night and seemed fine. Last night MGK also performed at a party, but he seemed a bit off. His energy was low, and the performance wasn’t great.” During an appearance at Sports Illustrated’s The Party on the eve of Super Bowl 2023, Page Six reported he said: “This one’s for the ladies,” before performing one of his most famous hits, “Bloody Valentine.” A source told Page Six on February 17, 2023, ” “DM’s and text messages” on MGK’s phone that led her to “believe he has been having an affair.

The source also told Entertainment Tonight that Megan likes to troll her followers whenever their relationship is at a low. “Megan and MGK have a very intense relationship with lots of highs and lows. They have a tendency to get into arguments and then end up making up,” the source said, adding that Megan “also likes to troll her fans during the more ‘off’ times between them for attention.”

Before her Instagram was deactivated, eagle-eyed fans also noticed she was following only three people: Harry Styles, Timothée Chalamet and Eminem—MGK’s rival. His feud with the rapper began in 2012 when Baker tweeted about Eminem’s then-16-year-old daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers: “I have to say, she is hot as f—k, in the most respectful way possible cuz Em is king.”

Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly. Getty Images

In an April 2022 interview with Glamour U.K., Fox gushed over her bleach-blonde beau, saying that she believes she’s responsible for “manifesting” his existence: “He’s literally my exact physical type that I’ve been manifesting since I was four,” the Jennifer’s Body actress said. “I’m also four years older than him. So, I think I made him.”

Upon their engagement, Fox revealed the unique design for her ring which at first looked like a standard toi e moi design but upon closer inspection, the couple put their own twist on it: “The concept is that the ring can come apart to make two rings,” Baker told Vogue in January 2022. When it’s together, it’s held in place by a magnet. So you see how it snaps together? And then it forms an obscure heart. And you see this right here? The bands are actually thorns. So if she tries to take it off, it hurts.”

Fox and Baker received some criticism for this; some people thought it was normalizing abusive and/or controlling relationships. But Fox defended their relationship, telling Glamour UK: “[It seems] I have to meet a certain requirement or follow all of these rules,” she says. “It’s very bizarre to get judged for, like, ‘What if I am in a BDSM relationship? And I’m like, yes – is that OK with you? Because that’s what I want.’ So, I shouldn’t be outcast from the feminist community, because that is something that I prefer for myself. I feel sexual power in that way, by experiencing it that way.”

She continued: “I was being celebrated as being a feminist until I had the nerve to call my boyfriend, ‘Daddy,’’’ she says sarcastically. “And a lot of people got upset about that, which I think is a funny conversation to actually have, because that goes into allowing women to be… women. Allowing us to experience what we want in life, what we like. That is feminism.”

The Transformers actress and the “Bad Things” rapper confirmed their relationship on Monday, June 15 2020, when the Daily Mail published photos of them holding hands and kissing for the first time since news broke that Fox’s relationship with the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Brian Austin Green had ended after 10 years of marriage.

A source told Us Weekly on Tuesday, May 19 2020, that Fox and Baker—who met on the set of the upcoming film, Midnight in the Switchgrass—started as friends but their relationship soon became romantic after she split from Green at the end of 2019. “[They] began spending more and more time together because of their work schedules and filming together,” the insider said. “They started off as friends and their relationship grew from there. Megan thinks MGK is a really cool guy and their relationship turned more romantic.”

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