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The best celebrity beauty moments in June 2023: Gigi Hadid, Jisoo, Dua Lipa and more

We’ve seen the beauty realm evolve in a multitude of ways over the past decade. Long gone are the days when celebrity make-up ops would be dedicated solely to the red carpet with techniques used often obscured from the public eye. We’ve fast moved on to an aspirational age of social media: how-to tutorials by the professional artists themselves, established content creators sharing their own cosmetic hacks and even full-face routines by some of the biggest A-listers. And we’ve all emerged the better for it.

It’s undeniable—the likes of Instagram and TikTok have given us all a space for unabashed self-expression. And for some, an artfully made-up mien or a customised change of talons are the perfect canvases to do so. Pop culture has had significant influence in the sphere; with entire visuals modelled after those seen in HBO’s hit drama Euphoria, creatively materialised by make-up artist, Donni Davy. Experimentation is abound, with novice creators and popular personalities alike attempting to ace a make-up look that is all the rage or share a thematic one-off look for others to recreate.

Then begs the question: how do we sieve out the best of all? Make-up trends surely begin somewhere, and learning from our seasoned celebrities is never a bad place to start if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Vogue Singapore might be of help to you on that front—with our monthly curation of captivating beauty moments, courtesy of our favourite faces from Hollywood, the K-pop scene and more, just for that fresh jazz of inspiration.

For the month of June? We were treated to dazzling summer-inspired ventures. Think vivid and bold; where paddlepop pinks and bursts of violet were smeared on eyelids alongside chunky tops of glitter. Dramatic tresses were spotted in the vein of Sunmi’s debut of red-orange locks and Cardi B’s luscious head of pink. Feast your eyes on the full assortment, below.


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Jisoo of Blackpink

We hardly ever see Blackpink sweetheart Jisoo attempt a darker look, so when we do? We’ll relish in it. The K-pop star sets the Internet on fire with her ethereal make-up moment: in a smoked out liner and matte black nails to match.


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Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid has celebrity-approved make-up artist Patrick Ta adding on to her G Files—with shimmering sequins amplifying her inner eyes and a glamorous pout of red to finish the look.


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The golden look of the season. Sunmi takes her luscious, long locks to the next level—in a vivid red-orange shade for her summer girl comeback.


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Kylie Jenner

Making a case for her beauty brand, Kylie Jenner pulls off an effortlessly rosy look with her latest addition to Kylie Cosmetics: the Glow Balm.


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Florence Pugh

Pulling out all the stops for an edgy moment is Florence Pugh. For an evening of diamonds with Cartier, she takes to a bronzy smoke and contour on her mien, whilst keeping her mane wet and slicked back.


6 / 12

Yara Shahidi

It’s all about a strong eye sometimes. Yara Shahidi gets her own dose of eyeliner magic done with a bold wing, complimenting it with an intricate braid style.


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Cardi B

Cardi B knows how to do colour coordination in style—from her alternative bowl cut to her dangerously long pink talons.


8 / 12

Momo of Twice

Momo is channeling cool girl summer with a two-tone moment on her braided tousles, finishing off with a soft blush and dusty pink pout.


9 / 12

Dua Lipa

Trust Dua Lipa to never let us down. For her festival stage at Primavera Sound, she adopts vivid violet hues and chunky glitters—all smeared on her lids to match her fit.


10 / 12

Simone Ashley

Elegance is delivered with a smokey eye, dark brown lip and slicked-back bun on Simone Ashley.


11 / 12


Fun is in the game for Lizzo who goes for a cherry-rose moment on her cheeks and lips, before topping it off with abstract patterns on her talons.


12 / 12

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s return to the realm of beauty Instagram will surely be one to mark, as she opts for a curved liner moment embellished with a string of sequins and long, fluttering lashes.

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