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Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green’s Huge Age Gap Made Some Fans Uncomfortable

Before her whirlwind romance with Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox was married to Brian Austin Green, who is nearly thirteen years her senior.

Fans love to keep up with Megan Fox, and, of course, her dating life. She has had multiple public relationships, with her most recent being her engagement to singer and actor, Machine Gun Kelly. However, her longest relationship, her marriage to Brian Austin Green, made some fans a little uncomfortable. With Megan Fox being very open about the treatment she has received in the industry, mainly due to her sexuality and appearance, fans want the best for her. The couple had a ten-year relationship that confused many, mainly due to their 13-year age difference.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green had a rocky relationship, between their differences in opinion on raising their kids and when to officially call it quits. After ten years together, they still have a lot of love for one another, but they weren’t meant to be. Even with Megan Fox’s new relationship with Machine Gun Kelly, fans still have lots to say about her marriage and relationship with Brian Austin Green.

Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green’s Age Gap

Megan Fox was only eighteen years old when she formed a relationship with Brian Austin Green, who was thirty years old. Being more than twelve years her senior, many fans were uncomfortable with this relationship. In 2010, the two officially tied the knot and went on to have a decade-long relationship. Even though the couple was together for many years, a majority of those years were spent in disagreement and heartache, trying to make a doomed marriage work, especially for the three children they have together

Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green’s Ten-Year Relationship

Regardless of how the public viewed this age gap, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green stayed together for over a decade. After meeting when she was only eighteen, the two ended up married just a few years later. Even though both Megan and Brian have been in new relationships for quite some time, their divorce was officially finalized in February 2022.

The Couple’s Rocky Road To The Divorce

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green didn’t have a quick divorce, or an easy one for that matter. The couple has three children together and wanted to make their marriage work, but it just wasn’t going to work. Before they started their ten-year-long marriage, they had a broken engagement in 2009.

Then, in 2015, when the couple already had two children, Megan Fox was ready for divorce. With a pending divorce hovering over their relationship, Megan revealed her baby bump and that changed everything. The couple was sticking together to try to make their marriage work.

Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green Have Kids Together

Many fans are upset to see the public disagreements between Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green when it comes to their children. The couple had public arguments via social media about how much of their children they should be sharing. However, when Brian Austin Green adhered to Megan Fox’s public demands to remove any photos of their children on social media, fans weren’t too happy. While Megan has every right to not want her children’s faces all over the internet, but fans were disappointed to see how the situation was handled.

Megan Fox’s Current Age Gap With Machine Gun Kelly

Oddly enough, people have shown their disgust towards Megan Fox and her current fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly, for their age difference. After being in a decade-long relationship with a man so many years her senior, fans find it odd that people are upset about Machine Gun Kelly being four years her junior. Fans took to the couple’s defense and shut down the comments about a small age gap.

Fans Stay Loyal To Following Megan Fox’s Relationships

With a new fiancé and headlines everywhere, fans are staying loyal to following Megan Fox’s relationships. Even though the thirteen-year age gap made plenty of people uncomfortable, concerned, or just confused, fans really just want to see Megan in a happy relationship. It didn’t work out with Brian Austin Green, but fans are loving her newest and hottest relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. Even their friendship with couple Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker has made fans go crazy over their scandalous posts. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are known as one of the hottest celebrity couples of the time, and fans are obsessed.

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