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Scarlett Johansson Explains Becoming a Marvel Producer After Suing Disney

Scarlett Johansson explains why she's signed on to produce future Disney-owned projects despite recently settling a lawsuit with the company.

Scarlett Johansson recently opened up about her decision to work as a producer on future Marvel Cinematic Universe projects despite recently suing Marvel Studios’ parent company Disney.

“As far as Marvel goes, it’s like working with family there,” the actor told Collider. “Marvel has some of the best IP [intellectual property] ever and you can really dream big there and nothing’s ever off the table and you kind of throw all these blue-sky ideas around and see what sticks.”

The Black Widow star further likened working with Marvel to being on “a creative playground that’s just like a dream,” noting, “Again, I have that shorthand with my fellow creatives there that comes from being in the world for 10 years with those guys.”

Johansson also detailed some of the biggest lessons she’s learned working in the movie industry, explaining, “I have worked for 30 years, which is insane when I say it out loud, but I think I just understand the efficiency of how productions run and how you thin the fat on a production and make things well oiled.”

She added that serving as a producer on future projects will enable her to build the type of team and process she wants to be a part of moving forward.

“I’ve learned that the fish rots from the head, which is very very true I think in any creative space,” Johansson continued. “But particularly a production involves many hundreds of people and so yeah, just working with people that want to be there and all want to creatively contribute to the same kind of idea and building that kind of creative family I think is something I’m really excited about as I produce more and more things for other people.”

Johansson made headlines back in July when she sued Disney over the company’s decision to release Black Widow simultaneously in theaters and on Disney+ Premier Access. In her lawsuit, Johansson claimed the release breached her contract and alleged that Disney had guaranteed her the film would receive an exclusive theatrical release. The actor also argued she lost more than $50 million because of the dual release. Although Disney initially called the lawsuit meritless, the two parties ended up settling in September.

While details of the settlement have not been made public, the two sides have clearly found some common ground. In addition to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirming in November that Johansson is producing a “non-Black Widow-related top-secret Marvel Studio project,” the actor is also credited as a producer on Disney’s upcoming Tower of Terror movie. She is also starring in and producing the upcoming A24 sci-fi drama Bride.

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