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Here Are 15 Reasons Gal Gadot Is The Perfect Wonder Woman (And 1 Why She’s Not)

With Wonder Woman, DCEU hoped to catch up to what Marvel was doing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Back in 2013, the DCEU would officially launch with the release of the film, Man of Steel, and would later release Wonder Woman. With Wonder Woman, DCEU hoped to catch up to what Marvel was doing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

DC was intent on bringing its biggest heroes to life in a cinematic universe that would thrill fans, and in the 7 years since its inception, it has had an uneven go of things on the big screen.

One of the best aspects of the DCEU so far has been Wonder Woman, who is played brilliantly by the beautiful Gal Gadot. Since making her DCEU debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Gal Gadot has been a force on the big screen, and the anticipation is high for Wonder Woman 1984.

Today, we are going to highlight the best and worst aspects of Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman!

16 Perfect: She Has A Legit Military Background

One of the important things that Gal Gadot brings to the table is her actual military experience. This occurred back when she was still just a teenager, according to Romper, and it’s clear that she has been able to tap into this experience for the grittier parts of playing the character.

15 Perfect: She Has Martial Arts Training That Shines In Action Scenes

Aside from being in the military, the martial arts training that Gal has received has also been able to shine through on the big screen. Diana seems to put herself in situations that require some fist-to-face action, and her extensive fight choreography training time helped her here. She has also been trained in Krav Maga.

14 Perfect: Her Accent Is A Perfect Fit For Diana

Diana Prince comes from a remote island that’s hidden in the ocean, meaning that she should not have a stateside accent like the ‘Wonder Woman’ iterations of the past. Gal’s natural accent helped bring a sense of realism to the character, making her even better when the cameras were rolling.

13 Perfect: She Is Built Like An Athlete

As a former model and a former soldier, Gal Gadot has spent plenty of time working on her body, and her athletic build is a huge plus here. Given the training that Diana has undergone through the years, it would make sense for her to be built like Gal Gadot.

12 Perfect: She Has A Ton Of Charm And Charisma

Natural charm and charisma are two things that cannot be taught or bought, and Gal Gadot has both of these in spades. It is important to be able to see Diana have a human touch, considering that she has such a big heart and wants to help humanity. This aspect of Gal’s game is so strong.

11 Perfect: She Is A Natural Beauty, Which Fits The Character

People that watched the original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, while they were growing up know that she is one of the most beautiful women to ever appear on the small screen. In keeping with this tradition, the casting of Gadot made sense, given that she is a natural beauty and a former model.

10 Perfect: She Has Great Chemistry With The Other DC Heroes

Looks and charisma can go a long way in terms of someone being great on the big screen, but there must also be chemistry between the members of the cast. Thankfully, so far, Gal Gadot has been able to display an exceptional amount of chemistry with the other heroes in the DCEU.

Perfect: She Has The Emotional Range To Play A Compassionate Character

There is nothing worse than seeing a boring and wooden performer taking on a character that needs range, and many people were curious to see how Gal Gadot would handle this aspect of the character. Turns out, she has the perfect range to play a compassionate and caring Diana Prince.

Perfect: She Has Great Comedic Timing For Funny Moments

The DCEU is known for being much darker than the MCU, but there are still moments of levity that are used to lighten things up. Gal Gadot has proven to be a funny performer that can cut through the tension with her comedic timing. This adds balance to the tone of a film.

Perfect: She Can Be Tough Without Being Overbearing

There is a fine line here, and some performers just can’t quite hit the mark. Being a tough character does not mean that someone has to be overbearing and sacrifice other aspects of their personality. So far, we have seen Gal Gadot strike a perfect balance while playing Wonder Woman.

Perfect: She Can Naturally Inject Personality Into The Character

Casting a huge role is about more than just finding a good actor. It comes down to finding the right actor, and choosing the wrong person can completely derail an entire project. Gal’s ability to inject personality into Diana is one of the most underrated aspects of her acting chops in the DCEU.

Perfect: She Steals The Show On A Regular Basis

While DC does boast perhaps the deepest roster of villains and heroes, there are certain performers that can step into the scene and steal the show in a hurry. As we saw as early as the film, Batman v Superman, Gal Gadot has no problem shining brighter than her fellow performers.

Perfect: She Became The Best Part Of The DCEU In No Time

Early on in the DCEU, it was clear that Gal Gadot was going to be a bright spot in an otherwise uneven film universe, but few could have predicted that she would become the best part entirely. Once her debut film hit the big screen, DC had a brand new star on their hands.

Perfect: She Is A Strong Role Model For Kids

Whether we like it or not, the personal lives of stars are covered ad nauseam, and thus far, Gal Gadot has proven to be quite the role model. Sure, there was the cringy John Lennon gaffe, but for the most part, she is someone that viewers of all ages can look up to and admire.

Perfect: She Redefined The Character For A New Generation

The modern take on Wonder Woman is a far cry from the one back in the 70s, and this has been for the better. This new version of Wonder Woman, much like the new version of Aquaman, has proven to be a smash hit that will only help make the character far more popular.

Not Perfect: She Is Still Missing Some Key Things From The Comics

Well, as great as Gadot has been, there are still some things that are missing. Of course, it is important to look at the source material when diving into a character, and plenty of Wonder Woman’s most iconic items, namely her beloved invisible jet, have yet to come into play.

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