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Gal Gadot flaunts incredible body in Keeping Up With The Joneses clip: What a Wonder Woman

GAL GADOT ditches Wonder Woman’s armour to strip to her bra and knickers in a naughty new clip from upcoming comedy Keeping Up With The Joneses, alongside Mad Men’s Jon Hamm and Isla Fisher.

Gal GadotSGNot even the Joneses can keep up with Gal Gadot

We’ve already seen the gorgeous Gal in all her glory in the trailer for Keeping Up With The Joneses.

Now the clever folk behind the new comedy have decided to capaitalise on their prime asset by releasing the full clip of the Israeli beauty sripping down to intimidate poor Isla Fisher in a department store. 

Seriously, not even the Joneses could keep up with this wonder woman

The Israeli beauty seems to be making a habit of flaunting her fantastic physique recently.

Gadot set fire to the screen in a sexy underwear scene with Kate Winslet in crime drama Triple 9 as well as her scene-stealing turn as the DC heroine in Dawn of Justice.

The former model isn’t shy about filming herself at home either. 

Gal Gadot in her underwearSGGal Gadot in Keeping Up With The Joneses

We get it: Wonder Woman has a Wonder-ful body.

Poor Isla lives every woman’s nightmare as she finds herself in a changing room, dwarfed by the spectacular Amazonian beauty in their new film.

Gadot shows off the honed physique that she built up for the recent Batman V Superman, and her own spin-off Wonder Woman film.

Gal Gadot and Isla FisherSGGal Gadot and Isla Fisher

Despite her incredible body, some fans, amazingy, still found someting to gripe about.

There has been an ongoing campaign complaining that the actress does not have sufficient curves and endowments for her new superhero role.

Luckily she has brains and a quick wit to match her beauty and had the perfect response.

Gadot hit back at fans who said her “boobs were not big enough” to play Wonder Woman and shot them down in glorious fashion.

Gal Gadot and Jon HammSgGal Gadot and Jon Hamm as the Joneses

Gadot’s new film sees her married to the equally genetically blessed Jon Hamm as the eponymous Joneses.

When they move into a new house, their ordinary suburban neighbours (Zach Galifianakis, Isla Fisher) find it’s not easy keeping up with the Joneses.

But the perfect pair aren’t just impossibly gorgeous and terrifying accomplished at everything they do, they also have a very big secret.

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