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I Asked Gigi Hadid’s Stylist for the Best (and Easiest) Office-Ready Hairstyles

I don’t know about you, but now that I’m going back into the office and heading to in-person events, one thing that has been tripping me up is figuring out how on Earth to do my hair. For a day at the office, I like to keep my hair as simple as possible (with as few steps as possible). Though I like to keep it simple, I also want to look professional and put-together, whether that means wearing my hair straight or wavy, slicking it back, or reaching for a hair accessory. Essentially, if I can achieve a polished look in under 15 minutes, I’ll call it a massive success.

I’m not the best at doing my own hair, no less coming up with easy, office-ready ideas for it. I decided to reach out to Laura Polko, Aquage brand ambassador and celebrity stylist known for gracing the heads of stars including Gigi Hadid and Emma Chamberlain, for some office-ready style ideas. Keep reading to learn Polko’s favorite office-ready hairstyles along with her tips for how to achieve and style them at home.

Straight Strands



“It’s always good to do down and straight,” says Polko. “Start with parting your hair as you’d like. This can be done on hair that’s been washed the day before and if you slept with it wet.”

Start with an oil treatment, and then go in with a flat iron, taking care to keep the heat low. “The iron on the highest heat setting is not necessarily the best choice for most hair types,” Polko explains. “Take one- to two-inch sections, working your way up. This way, you only have to go through each section once and avoid applying unnecessary heat over and over again.” To give your hair a bit more body and a more tousled finish, go in with a texture spray.

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