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Fear the Walking Dead: Alycia Debnam-Carey Exits Show After 7 Seasons

Alicia actor Alycia Debnam-Carey confirms her exit from Fear the Walking Dead following the show's most recent episode of season 7, "Amino."

Original cast member Alycia Debnam-Carey confirms her exit from Fear the Walking Dead season 7 following the show’s most recent episode. Acting as a spinoff from AMC’s hit show, The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead follows new characters in new locations, although there have been crossovers between the two shows throughout their respective runs. Debnam-Carey’s character, Alicia, was first introduced in the pilot episode of Fear the Walking Dead, making her one of the few original characters remaining on the show.

In Sunday night’s episode, titled “Amina,” the focus was solely on Alicia as she follows a young masked girl in an attempt to find PADRE, a supposed safe haven. Alicia’s fate has been somewhat up in the air since the midseason finale, with the character suffering a walker bite and amputation. Suffering from infection and a fever that won’t break, “Amina” sees Alicia eventually collapse from her wounds after saving Victor Strand (Colman Domingo). After the reveal that the young masked girl is actually a hallucination of a younger version of herself, the episode ends with Alicia seemingly waking up in the afterlife, seemingly cured of her infection.

Although the character’s fate is left somewhat ambiguous, Debnam-Carey confirmed on her Instagram after the episode aired that it would be her last on Fear the Walking Dead. The actor writes a lengthy and heartfelt goodbye to the show and to the character, expressing that, while the role has been “life-changing,” it’s time for her to move on to new challenges. Check out Debnam-Carey’s post below:

Debnam-Carey calls the role an “extraordinary training ground as an actor” and explains that she first started on Fear the Walking Dead when she was only 21. Now, 100 episodes later, at 28 years old, it’s clear the actor is ready to enter the next phase of her career. Debnam-Carey’s reveal that she is departing the show suggests that Alicia likely does die in “Amina,” although the open-for-interpretation ending does leave the possibility that she somehow survived, however unlikely.

Debnam-Carey already has a number of projects lined up following her last appearance on Fear the Walking Dead, including a new series called Saint X, which is currently in pre-production. It’s not clear whether Debnam-Carey’s casting on Saint X played any part in her choosing to depart Fear the Walking Dead or if she would’ve left regardless, but the actor is already making waves outside of AMC’s hit zombie drama. Debnam-Carey’s departure from Fear the Walking Dead is sure to upset some longtime fans of the show, especially considering she was one of the few remaining original cast members.

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