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10 Unpopular Opinions About Fear The Walking Dead, According To Reddit

Not every beloved character is liked by everyone. Some fans of Fear The Walking Dead have some opinions that most would see as utterly wild.

With the second half of Fear The Walking Dead proving to be, perhaps, the bloodiest season for the franchise yet from nuclear attacks to doomsday cults popping up alongside the zombies. While the prequel series of The Walking Dead continues to showcase the harsh nature of the zombie apocalypse. Few of its characters are safe from the ever-present danger. While in-universe the walkers are relentless, out of the universe the audiences can be just as brutal.

Still, many viewers have looked past the shocking deaths and heartwrenching moments to see some elements of the show that have given them pause. This has led them to Reddit to share their frustrations with fellow audience members, who may or may not agree with them. While many of those critiques are popular, many aren’t.

Chris Is Extremely Realistic

It isn’t easy being a teenager in the heart of an apocalypse, and it certainly wasn’t easy being Chris in Fear The Walking Dead. “No teen is just going to be okay with his dad in a new relationship with a woman with her own two kids,” says Reddit user HizzOVizzA. “He lost his mom at the end of season one, and he feels isolated.”

With that in mind, it makes a lot of sense that Chris would take the turn he did. Though it was a dark and depressing twist that lead him down a cruel path (which, in turn, led to his demise), it’s a very realistic depression for a teenage boy struggling with the zombie apocalypse and the additional problems of finding himself in a world he didn’t understand.

Travis’ Death Was Perfect

There has been a lot of critiques that even the most noble deaths in The Walking Deadare beyond obvious. Characters are set up for deaths, and few of them come without being the culmination of an arc or a heroic moment. Yet Fear The Walking Dead took a very different route with Travis.

“Travis’ death was handled perfectly. Literally every single death of note in TWD has been made abundantly obvious from miles away, whereas with Fear, characters are taken in the most bizarre and unfair ways,” says EyesOnly41. “I just loved the whole ‘no plot armor’ route Erickson took. Adds some realism to it.” Though Travis’ death was somewhat heroic, as he prevented himself from turning and killing his friends, it came out of nowhere and left fans in shock. Which is a perfect turn for a zombie show.

Alicia Is Overrated

Though Alicia is often one of the most liked characters in Fear The Walking Dead, some fans find the character irritating. “The character swings wildly between boring and ridiculously trope-y,” says Redditor Alone_Lemon. “She’s the least interesting of all [originals] and should have been the first to die of the 3 Clarks.”

While it isn’t exactly fair to say that the character is trope-y, given that many characters in the show would fit that description, it is true that the character relied on her relationships with the Clarks. Once that relationship could no longer be explored, she struggled to find a purpose in a show with a stacked cast. This can contribute to fans feeling like she may be overrated.

The Vultures Were Great

Often considered a pointless and aimless group that helped to veer Season 4 off of its rails, some fans have seen some promise in the Vultures. Though they often admit that the execution wasn’t perfect, the potential for the group is often a target of contention among fans.

“The Vultures were great antagonists and were a very real threat,” says Reddit user bythepoole. “Unfortunately their potential was squandered by bad writing.” The Vultures could indeed have been terrifying if portrayed in a more menacing light, but the same can be said for any disappointing villains. Unfortunately, the Vultures will likely be considered negatively by the wider fanbase until the show gives reason to view them otherwise.

Chris Deserved To Die

While some fans can understand Chris’ pain and inner conflict, other fans just can’t get past their disappointment with his choices. “I can’t really name any more stupid character than Chris,” says Redditor Dezoufinous. After all, his choices alienated him from his group and led him on the road to his death.

Yet fans should also understand that Chris wasn’t entirely wrong about some of the things he believed. In Fear The Walking Dead, it is often kill-or-be-killed, and he understood that as well as anyone. Still, it’s fully understandable if fans can’t forgive him for killing James and making the other cruel decisions he did.

Great Worldbuilding

Shows in The Walking Dead‘s universe tend to emphasize the dark and brutal nature of the world. After all, many characters die who deserved to live, and many who live deserved to die the way the heroes did. It’s excellent worldbuilding that makes fans feel like no one is safe.

It’s why fans claim that Fear The Walking Dead “has been consistently good with world-building, it’s just been a bit underwhelming after the reboot,” according to JordanRob1nson on Reddit. The Bazaar alone really helps to make the world feel lived-in by establishing what a post-apocalyptic world would really develop to have. Criminality isn’t really a problem when the world has come to an end, and the show displays that masterfully.

Should Have Ended With Season 5

With most shows, fans want more. When Daredevil and Game of Thrones came to an end, fans across the globe argued that both series should have gone longer. Some fans of Fear The Walking Dead don’t really share the sentiment. Many claim that Season 5 should have been completely different and should have been the end of the series.

“Season 5 should’ve been about the Fear group making their way to Alexandria,” says Reddit user Ravadge_. “It was a silly idea on the writer’s behalf to make an entire season about helping people when it could’ve been about the Fear group traveling across America, and in the finale, they meet Rick Grimes.”

Bringing In The Walking Dead Characters Ruined The Show

Fear The Walking Dead was pitched as a show that could display how the world devolved into the one featured in The Walking Dead. It was meant to be a bridge series between the real world and theirs. As a bridge series, it’s always fairly inevitable that the two ends will eventually meet, but some fans weren’t happy to see it.

“Seasons 4 and 5 broke away from what the original fanbase fell in love with. The new directors from season 4 believed bringing characters from the mother show would boost ratings but it really had an adverse effect,” says NewIndependence6819 on Reddit. Given that many viewers loved the show for its own merits, rather than its connections with unexpected events from The Walking Dead, it makes sense that it wouldn’t be the most beloved. Still, fans should remember the initial pitch.

Morgan Needed His Own Show

A character that starred in major moments, some fans feel that Fear The Walking Dead‘s Morgan didn’t exactly get the treatment he deserved. “Had Morgan span off into his unique show, it would have worked much better,” says Redditor PucaFilms. “Each season would be short (6-8 episodes) and Morgan would arrive in a new part of the state and meet a new friend/foe or obstacle.”

There is always a risk that a concept like that could get stale, but it seems like a fairly interesting idea. After all, Morgan is a determined character and a loyal friend, and many of his other traits could also be a great help in setting him up as a protagonist. A show like that could also put him through incredibly interesting development.

Madison Was The Worst

The mother of the Clark family, Madison was a mainstay in the show up until her supposed death. Yet, while many fans are excited about her return, others have found themselves dreading it.

“Everyone else in the show has MUCH better character arcs. Nick and Alicia had become so much more interesting,” says Redditor xgeezitskimx. “She would NOT have survived the actual apocalypse as she puts everyone in danger and most likely would have died for it.” While this is a common critique for many mothers in post-apocalyptic settings, it isn’t exactly fair. Someone has to take charge to try to protect the others around them, and people are always going to make mistakes. It’s unfair to blame her alone.

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