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Fear the Walking Dead’s Morgan Left – But Everyone Is Missing the Point

Morgan Jones left The Walking Dead and now he's leaving Fear the Walking Dead. Yet everybody is missing the important reason for his latest departure.

Season 8 of The Walking Dead included some of the series’ biggest surprises. The Savior War finally came to a close, but contrary to TWD’s source material, Carl Grimes died before the war even happened. While that was shocking, Morgan’s exit for the series was even more surprising. He just up and left, walked cross-country and joined Fear the Walking Dead as part of the spinoff’s Season 4 reboot. Now Morgan might have done the exact same thing over again.

Season 7A of FTWD set up a war between Victor Strand’s tower and the group of people led by Alicia and Morgan. However, Season 7B has yet to make that happen. “Follow Me” was an unnecessary episode, and “Mourning Cloak” took a slightly awkward detour. “Ofelia” looked like it might ignite the war when Luciana lied to Daniel, but still nothing happened. “Sonny Boy” finally delivered a few causalities, but in “The Raft,” Morgan took the first steps toward actually doing something.

After he retrieved Baby Mo from John Dorie Sr., he proceeded to lead all of Strand’s walkers away from the tower. With the moat gone, the tower was vulnerable and Morgan spent the entire episode advocating for an attack. Even when Alicia showed up and tried to convince him to wait, Morgan was insistent that they couldn’t wait lest Strand replenish his walker moat.

But right at the end of the episode, Morgan did an about-face. All of a sudden, he decided to hop on a raft and leave everyone behind. It was a weird decision since he was the one that spent the episode rallying his people to fight Strand. However, fans have no reason to panic. The character is not leaving the series for good — but then why did he leave at all? Why repeat the thing he’d already done years ago?

The reason Morgan left was hidden at the beginning of “The Raft.” In the opening minutes, Dwight and Sherry rescued a woman named Maya, but she went and joined the tower. Maya could end up being much more important than she seems. She came from somewhere that was radiation-free — so when Morgan left, he was trying to find the safe place where Maya came from. He might find a location where everyone can go after the War for the Tower concludes. The Austin Chronicle reported that FTWD is shifting filming locations from Austin, Texas to Savannah, Georgia — so everyone could leave Texas within the series, too.

While that makes sense from a practical stance, there’s more because Maya that Dwight and Sherry met was actually Maya Vasquez. What other important Vasquez do viewers know? Senator Vasquez, whom Alicia tried to follow to Padre. Frankly, the writing on FTWD is too poor for that to be a coincidence — so it feels extremely likely that Maya came from the legendary Padre. It’s also possible that Morgan will find Madison Clark there, since she’s due to be reintroduced to the series, or maybe she’ll turn up and take his place in his absence. But this time Morgan isn’t abandoning his group; he’s looking for a better home for them than the nuclear wasteland.

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