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Kendall Jenner Responds to Viral Cucumber Cutting Moment: ‘Tragic!’

After Thursday's episode of The Kardashians fans couldn't get enough of the silly kitchen faux pas

Kendall Jenner isn’t taking herself too seriously!

The model, 26, responded to a tweet Thursday poking fun at a viral moment from this week’s episode of The Kardashians.

During the episode, the 818 founder is seen in her mother’s kitchen attempting to slice a cucumber to make herself a snack. The result left fans puzzled by Kendall’s chopping strategy.

“Kendall Jenner trying to cut a f—– cucumber is the most tragic thing I’ve ever witnessed,” a fan wrote in the tweet, now retweeted by the reality star.

“Tragic!” Kendall wrote in a post responding to the commentary.

During Thursday’s episode, Kendall visited her mom, Kris Jenner, at her new house and started making herself a snack after denying Kris’ offer to have their chef make one for her.

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“I’m making it myself,” Kendall responded. “Just gotta chop up some cucumber, it’s pretty easy.”

“You go girl,” her mom, 66, said.

Kendall then proceeded to cut the cucumber though did not seem particularly comfortable doing so. At one point she had her arms crossed over one another while she held the knife in one hand and the end of the cucumber with the other.

“Be careful, because I nicked myself the other day,” Kris warned as Kendall continued to struggle with the knife.

“I know, I’m kinda scared,” Kendall responded.

She then looks up at the camera and admits her fault.

“I’m definitely not a good cutter, so don’t zoom in on me,” she said. “I’m not professional whatsoever.”

Kendall Jenner attends the Longchamp Fall/Winter 2020 Runway Show at Hudson Commons on February 08, 2020 in New York City.


Kris then again attempts to have her chef come and assist her daughter. 

The clip soon went viral and fans couldn’t get enough of the silly moment. 

“The way Kendall Jenner cut that cucumber will haunt me,” one person wrote on Twitter. 

“About an hour ago, I witnessed Kendall Jenner attempt to cut a cucumber on my tv screen. It made me feel a little superior but mostly poor,” wrote another. 

This week’s episode focused a lot on Scott Disick‘s reaction to Kourtney Kardashian‘s engagement to Travis Barker

Disick, 38, and Kardashian, 43, share sons Mason, 12, and Reign, 7, and daughter Penelope, 9. 

At one point in the episode, during an afternoon lunch at Kris’ home, Disick and Kendall got into an explosive argument about him feeling left out — and it resulted in the model storming off.

During the meal, Disick turned to Kendall and asked why he wasn’t invited to her recent birthday gathering. Kendall defended herself, explaining that she “didn’t really invite anyone to my birthday… I had a dinner at my house but that wasn’t a party.”

Kendall explained that due to the size of the party she decided not to invite him because Kourntey would be there as well.

Though Kendall offered an apology to Scott, he continued to argue and talk over her, which prompted the model to hit a breaking point.

“I’m out, this is so f—— ridiculous. You won’t let me speak, Scott,” she yelled, as she got up from the table and walked inside. “You’re talking over me… I’m so over this s—, Scott, for real.”

Despite their explosive argument, Kendall did share in an earlier confessional that she “loves” Scott and always will.

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