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Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson set to star in ‘Project Artemis’

Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson have collaborated on some of the most popular films in recent memory. Starring as Captain America and Black Widow respectively the two stars have become an indispensable part of contemporary pop culture through their work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe which has shaped the future of modern cinema.

Now they are set to work together on a brand new film titled Project Artemis which is being directed by none other than Jason Bateman. As an actor Bateman is famous for his performance in beloved comedies such as the famous sitcom Arrested Development. However Bateman has also proven that he has significant directorial skills in projects like Ozark.In a recent interview with The Guardian  Bateman said I am not too far removed from a drama when I am doing Arrested Development and I am not too far from a comedy when I am doing Ozark. In a drama I am not the person with a knife I am the person getting chased. In a comedy I am not the person farting I am the person who smelled it.

According to the reports that have surfaced so far most of the details about the project are still ambiguous but it has been confirmed that the screenplay for the new film is being handled by Rose Gilroy. In addition there have been rumours that this latest directorial venture by Bateman will revolve around some sort of space race.Apple has acquired the rights for the film and has spent $100 million on the project so far a deal that was predicated on the availability of Johansson. The actress is not only going to star alongside her Marvel partner Chris Evans but she is also attached to the project as a producer because it was her company who developed the screenplay.

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