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Angelina Jolie’s Multicultural Family Tree

The ever stunning and ever enchanting Angelina Jolie has one of if not the most intriguing and inclusive homes in Hollywood The proud mother of six three of whom are adopted has not shied away from sharing stories and lessons learned from and through the adoption of her children As a UN activist Jolie has honed her love for the world and the people in it and it has inspired her to bring the world into her home spreading her net across three different continents We take a look at how these adoptions weave into the beautiful fray of her family The three time Golden Globe winner took the golden opportunity to fulfill her desire of adopting a child when she returned to Cambodia in late 2001 She was previously there to film the first of the box office blockbuster Tomb Raider serieson a field mission with the UNHCR.

Accompanied by then husband Billy Bob Thornton they applied to adopt Maddox Chivan born Rath Vibol in a local village and had the paperwork done in four months kick starting a trilogy of adoptions Emily Ratajkowski moved into the ware house style outfit with her husband Sebastian Bear McClard in 2018 Four years later the Oscar winner adopted her second childa daughter from an orphanage in Addis Ababa Ethiopia in 2005 where she and her new partner Brad Pitt had visited earlier in the year During her first visit Angelina was deeply touched to learn that up to 4 million children are orphaned due to AIDS famines and diseases A source told People The whole world is important to Angie but shes very attached to Africa as a continent Africa is a country of survivors She identifies Jolie named her second child Zahara Marley whose name was initially Yemsrach.

Angelina is third and final adoption took its course from the Tam Binh Orphan Center in Vietnam
The actress received the file of Pham Quang Sang from Heidi Gonzalez coordinator of adoption programs in Vietnam for Adoptions from the Heart who was looking for a home for Pham Things just fell into place Heidi said via People Pham Quang born on November 29 2003 then became Pax Thien Pax Latin for peace and Thien Vietnamese for Sky.

When Jolie subsequently visited Vietnam she opted not to single out her son from the 326 orphans but instead played and gave gifts to many of them Eventually mother and son bonded and Pax right in the picture below made rapport with new siblings Maddox and Zahara who escorted their mother to the occasion It was like it was meant to be Ms Gonzalez said of the union.

Angelina has three biological children in addition to her three adopted ones all of them shared with her now ex husband Brad Pitt Her first was Shiloh Nouvel left in the picture above born in the African country of Namibia on May 27 2006 Then on July 12 2008 she gave birth to twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline All three have French related names Nouvel was inspired by a French architect Jean Nouvel Knox and Leon are the names of two of their French ancestors and Marcheline is the name of Jolie is mother rounding up a formidable cultural cocktail.

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