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Gal Gadot’s birth chart: She’s a sexy, modern-day ‘Wonder Woman’

When it comes to a real-life super heroine, there is only one Gal Gadot.

The Israeli model and actress, now one of the most sought-after celebs in Hollywood, has already had an expansive life. Having served in the Israel Defense Forces as a combat fitness instructor, Gadot turned her sights on Hollywood and has conquered ever since.

Widely known for her beauty, talent and grace, the star brings confidence and power to everything that she does. Attached to the wildly successful ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise, she reached global acclaim for her portrayal of “Wonder Woman” in the DC Comics Cinematic universe. Embodying fierce feminism, the first installment became the biggest blockbuster ever directed by a woman.

Yet, in defiance of industry fear, she has even gone on to publicly stand up for unfair treatment in the entertainment industry—unafraid to speak up for her beliefs. With her career continuing to rise, she has gone on to star in ‘Red Notice,’ ‘Death on the Nile’ and the upcoming ‘Cleopatra’ film. As her professional ascent reaches new heights, she also manages a thriving family, the mother of three children—revealing that women very often are the stronger sex.

So was Gadot, always destined for greatness—or did she just buckle down and manifest the life of her dreams? Let’s take a deep dive into he stars because I’m a pop culture astrologer and I can see it all.

Gal Gadot zodiac sign birth chart
Gal Gadot is a Taurus Sun.

Gal Gadot birth chart shows she’s the perfect balance of intensity and grace

Gal Gadot was born on April 30, 1985. This makes her a hardworking Taurus Sun with a practical Virgo Moon. Her birth time is not listed online, so until she and I cross paths (get at me!), we will focus on what we do know for a fact in her chart. When it comes to elemental energy, her birth chart is heavily composed of Earth and Fire energy. This means that she has incredible tenacity, resilience and patience and can funnel her passion into her goals with nearly unrelenting strength. To say she can move mountains is an understatement.

When it comes to her birth chart, there are two significant themes that I wish to highlight because they repeat themselves vividly. The first is that Gadot is incredibly intense—carrying tremendous force and power within her. Pluto, the planet of transformation, rebirth and dominance is heavily prominent in her chart, showing that she thrives in intensity and can also harness it toward her goals. This magnetic, mesmerizing effect hypnotizes those that meet her, as if bending them to her power and submission. Her Sun, ruling her life force, is opposed to Pluto, bringing her a willful personality who gets her way—she has strong desires and nothing will stop he when she decides on what she wants.

Gal Gadot astrology
Gal Gadot has a grounded Virgo Moon.

She refuses to silence her beliefs and can easily conquer. Power? Yes, she’s got it in spades. This also aids her significantly on a professional level, as she hungers for recognition and admiration. Her Moon dances with Pluto, bringing her emotional strength and the ability to intuitively understand the motivations of others, and her Neptune links to Pluto, too, aiding her in distilling what the collective is feeling on a mass level. Mars, the lower vibration of Pluto, and the ruler of drive, aggression and fuel, also further gifts her an action-oriented physical and mental persona.

Her Mars clashes with Saturn, which means she strives to overcome all obstacles and will do anything to do so, understanding that life isn’t always easy so the only way to rise is to make sure you win. Her Moon is under siege from Mars, too, which brings her a restless and rebellious nature, demanding action and movement, unable to settle into stagnation—this would be a fate worse than death.

However, the thing that I absolutely love about her chart is that in equal measure, the planets reveal immense grace, beauty, refinement and opulence smile upon her. She possesses tremendous charm, with her Mercury kissing Jupiter, and her Sun holding hands with her Moon. Her radiance exists on a core level. Also, with her Venus linking to Mars, she’s lively and sweet and drawn to beauty in all aspects. Then, her Sun touches Jupiter, further blessing her with fortune and favor, while her Venus chats with Neptune, bringing her even more compassion and magnetism.

Gal Gadot astrology birth chart
Gal Gadot has some gorgeous astrology ahead of her.

What are predictions for Gal Gadot?

So what lies ahead for our favorite wonder woman? Transformations and change—but that’s where Gadot inevitably shines the greatest. First off, she is experiencing great eclipses in her Sun sign from 2021 until the end of 2023. These will grant her big moments about recreating herself, shaking off past baggage and stepping into a whole new era.

She wishes to redefine herself constantly—a lifelong situation—and never be caged into a box. The eclipses at the end of 2022 could be a little troublesome, as sudden events happen that she will never expect. She will also experience a very significant period in the second half of 2022 where she does a lot of internal reflection about her own inner self-worth and if she’s ultimately fulfilled in all areas of her life.

2023 and 2024, though, will bring more opportunities to refocus herself around new beginnings, her personal life and her family, as Jupiter makes conjunctions with her Venus, Mercury, Sun and North Node. Fresh starts and happy blessings are guaranteed. When it comes to her professional life, she will continue to demand major paychecks now and in the years to come—having cemented herself as a Hollywood powerhouse that can command and attract the global masses. You heard it here first.

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