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Why Did Keanu Reeves Call Got7 Jaebum, Nephew? Take A Look

Let's have a look as to when Keanu Reeves called Jaebum his Nephew!

Keanu Reeves and Jaebum these names aren’t new to our ears as they are the most popular personalities known worldwide for their artistic contribution in their fields. Lim Jaebum is also known as JB is a singer, actor, songwriter of South Korean descent He is also the leader of the South Korean boy band Got7. Keanu Reeves is a Canadian actor raised in Toronto. Also known for his exclusive work in ‘John Wick’.

The Got7 band after having released their album ‘Breath Of Love: The last Piece,’ opened gates for curiosity as the fans of Got7 made JB known as the nephew of the actor Keanu Reeves. Both of these famous personalities had met during the YSL SS20 Menswear program in California. They both posed for pictures together. Got7 fans were excited for the comeback of Got7 hence, were looking for updates from the group. A fan account of Keanu Reeves shared some of the posts of Keanu and JB pictured together. Keanu fans thought the account was hacked as the person handling the account said that she did it because she was extremely excited about their comeback. Looking at the pictures of JB and Reeves together some fans started claiming that the singer JB is the nephew of Keanu Reeves. These statements eventually arouse curiosity among many people who are assuming about their relationship.

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