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Keanu Reeves Is A Real Badass & This Artwork By Fan Proves It

Take a look at this artwork of Keanu Reeves by a fan which proves the actor is a badass!

Keanu Reeves is a Canadian actor who is known for his movies like ‘The Matrix’, ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’, ‘Constantine’. Keanu Reeves started his career with theatre and television series and then went on to act in films. His first movie was ‘Youngblood’ with which the actor debuted in 1986 and made his mark in Hollywood. 3 years later, the actor had his breakthrough with the role in the movie ‘Bill and Ted’s adventure’. He received stardom and fame with the release of his movie ‘The Matrix’ in which the hot actor played the role of Neo. Keanu received a lot of praise for his action film and has completely won over the audience with his performance in the movie. The actor will be next seen in the movie ‘Matrix 4’ which is set to release this year. However, the movie is yet to be titled. The actor has a lot of loyal fanbases and quite recently a fan took to Instagram to share his artwork of the actor.

In the first image of the artwork, Keenu’s look resembles the character ‘Wolverine’ (played by Hugh Jackman) of the X-Men film series. In the picture, the pencils coming out of the knuckles suggest the famous Wolverine steel claws. In the artwork picture, the actor is shown sitting on a skull throne with a gun in his hand and we must agree the artwork makes the actor look like a total badass! Take a peek for yourself and tell us what you think!

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