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Did You Know: Keanu Reeves Had A Crush On Sandra Bullock & Vice Versa And They Knew Nothing About It While They Were Shooting For ‘Speed’

Take a look at Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves's cute story!

The ‘Matrix’ star revealed on the ‘Ellen DeGeneres’ show that he had a crush on the ‘Speed’ movie co-star Sandra Bullock. Sandra Bullock also agreed that she had a crush on Keanu Reeves too!

As per ‘The Things’, DeGeneres got some information about the 25th commemoration of Speed’s release. Also, Bullock reviewed exactly how sweet the actor was on the set. She proceeded onwards to state that she really liked Reeves so much that it was difficult for her to be her natural self when they were acting in the film. Bullock admitted that Reeves needed to just look at her, and she would begin cracking up.

At the point when DeGeneres asked Bullock for what reason she and Reeves never dated, she said she wasn’t certain of the explanation. She then stated that it was something about her that he didn’t like.

Then in the show later, the actor was told that Sandra had a crush on him. Little did he know that she had feelings for him. But later he added that he had the same thing going on for her.

So they both had crushes on each other but never had a chance in their 25 years after the film was made to hook up. They never had the chance of dating each other while shooting for the film ‘Speed’.

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