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When will The Walking Dead return with season 11C?

Fear the Walking Dead spoilers ahead.

Fear the Walking Dead‘s showrunner has confirmed that season 7 will be the end for one major character.

In Sunday’s episode ‘Mourning Cloak’, Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) sneaks into Strand’s tower the day before she turns 13. She lies and says she hopes for “a normal life” there, but Morgan (Lennie James) has sent her in to disable the beacon on the roof to help defeat the walkers.

Howard sees through Charlie’s mission, but to win her place in the tower she volunteers to take on a dangerous task of finding the parts to repair a damaged elevator. Charlie goes inside the building, heading to the exact spot where Ranger Garcia (Matthew Ramirez) had radiation burns.

Charlie manages to continue on, before she passes out later – shortly after kissing Ali (Ashton Arbab), a trainee Ranger who she’s developed feelings for.

alexa nisenson as charlie, fear the walking dead


Moments later, nurse June Dorie (Jenna Elfman) reveals that Charlie has been exposed to radiation and emotionally admits that “given the amount of exposure” she should “make the most of every day”.

Showrunner Ian Goldberg admitted that Charlie will soon die from her radiation poisoning in AMC+ show Fear the Walking Dead: Episode Insider.

Goldberg explained: “Charlie and Ali connect right away for one simple reason: they’re both young people in the apocalypse. They had to grow up way too fast.

“Neither of them have been able to have this kind of connection, you know, that sort of first love, butterflies in the stomach kind of feeling. And Ali helping her learn how to bowl is huge for her because it makes her feel like a kid, it makes her feel alive. It’s not just surviving. She’s actually living.

ashton arbab as ali, alexa nisenson as charlie, fear the walking dead

“I think Ali recognizes as well that even though Charlie came to the tower with some negative intentions from his perspective, ultimately, it was all because she wants to have this normal life.

He added that Ali turns around and returns to Charlie, suggesting they run away together, because “he understands [her] in a new way”.

Throughout the episode, Ali and Charlie reflect on butterflies and their fleeting existence, and Goldberg admitted the focus reflects that butterflies are “front and center at Ali’s mind, because he’s realized Charlie’s a bit like that butterfly now”.

He continued: “She is someone to him that is beautiful and is going to have a very short life because of her radiation exposure.

“So I think him freeing the butterflies is an act of wanting to show her how much he cares about her, but also because it really is a metaphor for Charlie.”

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