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Keanu Reeves Got Caught Laughing During This ‘Matrix’ Scene

Prior to a big shootout scene in The Matrix, Keanu Reeves was having a hard time keeping things together.

Major franchises have been a dominant force in the movie industry for decades, and fans truly love following a major franchise from beginning to end. These days, the MCU is the biggest franchise in the world, but the ones that came before it helped set the stage for what it’s been able to accomplish.

During the 2000s, the Matrix franchise was massive, and its films did big numbers at the box office. The fourth film generated a strong reaction, and it had people going back and taking a look at the film that started it all.

The first Matrix movie is stellar, and one of its best scenes had Keanu Reeves busting up. Let’s take a look at the scene in question.

Why Did Keanu Reeves Start Laughing During A Take?

1999 is one of the biggest years in movie history, and it was filled with some of the most impactful films ever made. With this in mind, it is truly saying something that The Matrix is still considered among the best movies of that entire year.

That first Matrix film completely revolutionized the action genre, and it helped make Keanu Reeves an even bigger star than he already was. The success of that first movie changed everything in an instant, and in no time at all, Hollywood had a brand new action franchise to enjoy on the big screen.

The follow-up films weren’t as good as the first one, but overall, it remains a memorable franchise. It was big enough to have movies, video games, and just about everything else that the studio could brand.

A fourth installment was released recently, and it generated a lot of buzz. This is especially impressive when considering the fact that the original trilogy had ended so long ago.

Despite the fact that all of these movies did so many things well, the truth is that they were not free of error. In fact, that first groundbreaking film had a number of things wrong with it.

The ‘Matrix’ Films Have Some Errors

The first Matrix film had a number of errors that made their way into the final cut, and slowly, throughout the years, people have been able to point them out.

One notable mistake involved a member of the production crew being caught on camera.

According to Movie Mistakes, “When Neo is going to open the door to enter the Oracle’s house, you can clearly see a camera on the doorknob. There’s a sheet over it painted to look like the wall behind it, with a representation of Morpheus’ tie too, because he’s blocked by the camera.”

Another highlighted mistake had to do with the film’s continuity.

“In the beginning of the movie when Neo gets the FedEx envelope, he is shown at his desk opening the envelope and then pouring it out. As he is pouring the phone out, with the green packing label on the top, the shot cuts “seamlessly” to a close up of the phone being poured out the rest of the way. However, the envelope is now flipped over. The FedEx logo is now on top (the packing label is facing down),” a user on the site reported.

Many of these mistakes will go unnoticed, but when you make a movie that is viewed by millions of people, all of these little errors are bound to see the light of day.

Mitigating mistakes is key, and while filming that first movie, Keanu Reeves could hardly contain his laugher during one of the most famous scenes in movie history.

Keanu Gets Caught Laughing

So, which famous movie scene did Keanu Reeves have trouble getting through? Turns out, it was none other than the major shootout that Neo and Trinity take part in.

Even though there is a ton of controlled chaos going on around him, Keanu Reeves could hardly contain his laughter during the scene. This behind the scenes video does a really good job in illustrating just how difficult the scene was for Reeves to get through, but eventually, like a true professional, he was able to get exactly what the director was looking for.

The end result of this scene is truly spectacular. It is often referenced as one of the best shootouts in movie history, and getting this peek behind the scenes makes the scene even more interesting.

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