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Megan Fox Is Low-Key Bringing Back the Crackled Manicures You Wore in High School

Don't call it a comeback, but it's a trend we wouldn't mind seeing again if done like this.

If you’re anything like us, you might have been wondering just how many beauty trends can Megan Fox pull off. And we’d have to say a ton — particularly in the hair and nail departments. She held an impromptu audition to join the Spice Girls with the cutest high pigtails on February 28. And her effortlessly chic curtain bang moment was one to remember. We’re specifically partial to her manicures, though, because she’s been having such fun with them lately.

For our viewing pleasure on our timelines, Fox revamped the 2010s trend of crackle nail polish on April 13 on Instagram, and the striking orange color with those jagged, gold accents is incredibly stunning. It most definitely isn’t the work of literal crackle nail polish (can you even buy that stuff these days?), but the texture of the manicure itself has us hardcore reminiscing. We could say she’s one to never play it safe, and the sharp stiletto shape of her manicure is proof. It brings out the angular placement of what appears to be gold foil on each nail.

Dare I say, Megan Fox’s chokehold on nail trends isn’t going anywhere. Because if we take a look at a few of her past styles, it’s clear that she’s been bringing the heat. It takes one hell of a woman to pull off something like adjoining herself to Machine Gun Kelly with matching nail chains. And who could miss that metallic French manicure she wore when the lovers got engaged on January 12? It’s refreshing to see her revamping staple styles to make them her very own. 

While we relive our grade school days and decide if we can take another stab at this nail trend at our next manicure appointment, we’re hoping Fox has another beauty resurgence in the meantime. 

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