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These Celebrities All Really Want To Date Keanu Reeves

From Sandra Bullock to Winona Ryder, more than a few celebs have crushed on the Matrix star Keanu Reeves.

There’s seldom a day when Keanu Reeves isn’t in the news. Usually, it’s because everyone is raving about him as a person. Yes, Keanu may just be the nicest guy in Hollywood. That topic has come up a lot while Keanu has been promoting The Matrix Resurrections. Given that the A-lister is so well-liked, talented, and obviously handsome, it makes sense that he’s the subject of a ton of crushes. But it’s not just fans who lust after Keanu. Celebrities are all over him too.

While fans have tried to ship Keanu with his Matrix co-star Carrie-Anne Moss for years, nothing has ever happened between the two nor has the woman who plays Trinity ever confessed having a crush on him. But that’s not the case with a few of his other co-stars. Although it’s not just Keanu’s co-stars who like him. Frankly, there’s no shortage of celebrities who have openly crushed on Keanu. Let’s take a look…

Sandra Bullock Remembers How “Handsome” Keanu Was While Making Speed

During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Sanda Bullock took a walk down memory lane and recounted just how “handsome” Keanu was while the two made Speed together. She even said that she would start to giggle every time he looked at her. Coincidentally, Keanu told Ellen that he had a crush on Sandra while making the movie. Unfortunately for them, and for fans who shipped the two stars, Keanu and Sandra never actually dated.

Jonathan Groff And Drew Barrymore Agree That Keanu Is Hot In The Matrix Resurrections

While Jonathan Groff may not have wanted to date Keanu Reeves, he certainly lusted after him while the two made The Matrix Resurrections. During a promotional interview for the new movie on Drew Barrymore’s show, Jonathan went into detail about his experience training with Keanu for their fight scene in the film. After Drew stated that she thought Keanu looked really hot, Jonathan responded, “Yeah, super hot. Like crazy hot. It’s next level. It’s next level!” While Jonathan had no issue crushing on his co-star, Drew felt a little awkward since she once shot a movie with him when she was really young.

Winona Ryder May Actually Be Married To Keanu Reeves

Due to a very authentic wedding scene with Keanu in 1992’s Dracula, Winona Ryder believes she may actually be married to Keanu. While this is probably not possible, it certainly seems as though she would love that to be true. During an interview for their movie Destination Wedding a few years later, Winona claimed that Keanu was the best for “every reason”. She continued by saying, “He’s one of my favorite people to work with [and] to be around.”

Alice Eve Gave Off Keanu-Crush Vibes During An Interview For Replicas

While Star Trek Into Darkness star Alice Eve didn’t quite come right out and say that she has a crush on Keanu Reeves unlike other celebrities on this list, she certainly gave off the vibes that she does. During an interview for their film Replicas, Alice described Keanu as “a man who travels to other worlds”. She also admired how “grounded” he is. Most importantly, Alice described him as a confidant onset because he told her that he was “a vault”. This immediately caused her to blush and want to tell him everything. During an interview with Rachael Ray, she also claimed it was “really easy” to play Keanu’s wife in the movie.

Kelly Ripa Made Out With Keanu’s Life-Size Cardboard Cutout

During a fairly recent interview on Kelly Ripa’s morning show, Keanu find out that the host had a major crush on him. While Kelly certainly gave off some lustful vibes during their interview, it was a leaked behind-the-scenes video that revealed the extent of Kelly’s thing for him. In the video, Keanu was caught off guard by Kelly’s admission to having once made out with a cardboard cutout of him. Kelly told Keanu that she got the life-size cutout from a friend at Blockbuster and kept it in her dressing room when she was on All My Children. The most shocking line was when she said, “Sometimes I would have my way with it there.”

Suki Waterhouse Claims Keanu Is “The Best-Looking 50 Year Old”

While model and actor Suki Waterhouse is notably younger than Keanu, she still has a bit of a thing for him. During an interview with Young Hollywood, Skui was asked if she’d rather make out with Keanu or Jason Mamoa. Given that Jason is her best friend’s step-father, she had to pick Keanu. However, this wasn’t a forced-choice as she also described the Speed star as “the dream”.

Octavia Spencer Was Saved By Keanu Reeves And Then She Fell For Him

One of the most infamous Keanu Reeves stories involves the Matrix star helping out Octavia Spencer when her car broke down on the side of the road. While Octavia claims she and her car both looked terrible, Keanu was happy to help her. During her interview with Meredith Vieira, Octavia looked extremely flushed when the host started making sexual innuendos about her experience with Keanu.

Paula Abdul Wishes She Dated Keanu Reeves

Two words say it all. After being asked by a fan on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen she dated Keanu after making a music video together, Paula simply responded, “I wish!”. She then went on to describe how she walked in on him in his trailer playing air guitar in his underwear. “I said, ‘that’s my boyfriend'”. Unfortunately for Paula, nothing ever happened between the two of them.

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