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Lance Seems To Be Replacing Pamela As The Walking Dead’s Final Villain

Despite not being in charge of the Commonwealth, it looks like Lance Hornsby - and not Pamela Milton - will be The Walking Dead's final villain.

Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton) is being positioned to take Pamela Milton’s place as The Walking Dead’s final villain. Though she was never perceived as a truly evil character, Pamela was believed by many to be the main antagonist for the show’s Commonwealth arc. After all, Laila Robbins’ character is the one in charge.

In The Walking Dead comics, Pamela posed a major problem to the main characters. Many saw the class divisions she instituted as an unfair and broken system that hurt the people within the Commonwealth’s walls. As a result, some set out to change it. Actions taken against Pamela culminated in a civil war that occurred shortly before the ending of the series. As for the TV version of the story, it’s been slowly moving in a similar direction. Like the characters in the comics, the people of Alexandria had varied reactions to the ways the Commonwealth is run. But interestingly, differences in the way things are playing out in The Walking Dead season 11 part 2 signal a few big changes to the fights ahead.

The events of The Walking Dead season 11, episode 13, titled “Warlords” reinforce the idea that the conflict with the Commonwealth will head in a different direction than the comics. It’s become increasingly apparent that Pamela isn’t the person the characters need to be concerned with. The real threat is actually Lance Hornsby. Despite being less powerful than her, he’s the only one of the two who is actively creating problems in the series. After all, it was he who engineered the killings that took place at the apartment complex.

Pamela may be in charge of the system that people like Connie (Lauren Ridloff) take issue with, but that doesn’t make her a villain. Lance, on the other hand, has developed a much more nefarious reputation. Since meeting the main characters, he’s already planned a clever scheme to manipulate Eugene and now he’s made efforts to wipe out a community by means of deception. As Lance reaffirmed in Warlords”, Pamela isn’t privy to his intentions. In other words, she may be linked to some of the characters’ political and social criticisms, but she’s not to blame for the real struggles they’ve been experiencing thus far.

Instead, it appears that Lance Hornsby will be the driving force behind the challenges faced by Daryl, Carol, and all the others in The Walking Dead’s remaining episodes. The troubles he can stir up and the length he’ll go to get what he wants can lead to all sorts of conflict. In fact, he could ultimately become a thorn in Pamela’s side as well. Defeating Lance and ousting him from his position in the Commonwealth may be what it takes for the characters to get a happy ending and a peaceful existence at their new home.

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