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Keanu Reeves Felt Like He Was ‘Fighting’ for His ‘Life’ Shooting Down ‘Speed 2’

Pop quiz, hotshot. You may know Keanu Reeves turned down his role for Speed 2, but did you know it had repercussions for him? According to the actor, after saying he couldn’t bring himself to star in the movie, he felt he was “fighting for his life.”

Debuting in 1994, the original Speed was a huge box office hit. Not only that, but it helped Keanu Reeves with his career. Given the success from both ends, it’s not surprising he was approached to star in the sequel. However, he couldn’t bring himself to do it upon reading the script and knowing the movie’s premise. According to Technotrenz, the decision to turn it down became a life-or-death movie for his career, he thought.

“When I wаs offered Speed 2, Jаn аnd Sаndrа cаme to Chicаgo аnd told me, ‘You’ve got to do this,’” Reeves sаid in an interview. “And I sаid, ‘I reаd the script аnd I’m not аble to do it.’ It’s cаlled Speed, аnd it tаkes plаce аboаrd а cruise ship.’

This didn’t stop them from trying to recruit Reeves. In fact, William Mechanic, Fox Filmed Entertainment’s former president, tried to sweeten the deal by offering him $12 million. Reeves didn’t budge though, thinking his career would suffer if he starred in the movie. “And I told him, ‘I’m not coming bаck up if I do this film.’ You’re going to send me to the oceаn’s depths, аnd I’m not coming bаck.” He continued, “I reаlly felt like I wаs fighting for my life.”

Though he’s happy he stuck to his guns, he did believe the studio blacklisted him for 14 years. After Speed, he didn’t work with Fox until The Day the Earth Stood Still back in 2008.

Keanu Reeves on whether another ‘Matrix’ Movie will happen and how ‘Resurrections’ Came to be

Though Keanu Reeves wasn’t fond of Speed 2, another Matrix movie was apparently something that always interested him. He recently talked about if yet another movie is in the cards and how Resurrections came to be in the first place.

Carrie-Anne Moss and Keanu Reeves sat down with Empire Online to discuss the Matrix movies at length late last year. Near the end of the interview, the pair was asked if they thought another movie was in the cards. Though Reeves would be up for it, he doesn’t think it will happen. “What’s another one?” said Reeves. “Resurrections Redux. Wachowskian! I don’t believe so. If I had to cast a ballot- No, not a ballot, a vote. I would say that Lana would not do another Matrix.”

They also mentioned there were unsuccessful pitches for years regarding a fourth movie. Warner Bros. frequently contacted Reeves, but he wasn’t doing it unless the Wachowskis were involved. He finally got his wish after receiving a text and a call from Lana Wachowski. Revealing she was considering doing another Matrix film, Reeves was more than interested.

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