Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid Is Now A Platinum-Blonde With Bleached Eyebrows To Boot And I Am Obsessed

Gigi Hadid has switched up her hairstyles a couple of times in recent years.

She’s a supermodel, and we assume that sort of thing comes with the territory.

Remember when Gigi debuted this copper-tone transformation on Instagram? She posted the selfie below almost a year ago, to the date, before walking in Versace’s show at Fashion Week.

Well, for the latest fall/winter runway season — or “fashion month,” as Gigi put it — she unveiled a completely new aesthetic.

Gigi’s hair is platinum-blonde now, and I don’t need to tell you it looks amazing.

Like, really, really good.

Her super-cool icy locks are potentially thanks to Laura Polko, who’s been her and Bella Hadid’s resident hair artiste for quite a while. Laura shared a photo of Gigi — pre-shift to ultra-blonde — in Paris last week.

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