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Bella Hadid Has Worn These Prada Boots with Every Outfit Imaginable

What do Kanye West and Bella Hadid have in common? Seemingly not much, but they do both love a good black boot. West (now known as Ye) is rarely seen without his big, rubbery Red Wings these days, and Hadid cannot stop wearing her own version of a similar style. By our count, the model has worn this pair of black, Prada calf-high boots at least nine times so far this year (though a few wears could have slipped past our radar), and with each styling she continues to prove their versatility. Bella seemingly obtained the boots in 2021, but they’ve been in heavy rotation since she brought them with her to London earlier this year, paired them with a navy blue tracksuit. It wasn’t until fashion month started, though, that the footwear really got the opportunity to shine.

Bella Hadid prada leather boots
Bella Hadid chunky leather black Prada boots
Neil Mockford/GC Images

By the time Hadid arrived in Milan for fashion week last month, they were in full rotation. It’s possible Hadid packed light for the trip, because suddenly the boots were making a daily appearances. After walking in the Max Mara show on February 24th, Hadid was escorted out of the event space by her boyfriend, Marc Kalman, and what was Hadid wearing? The black Prada boots, of course. The model wore them tights, a knee-length wool skirt, and a white tank top for a classic model off-duty look.

Bella Hadid black Prada boots
Robino Salvatore/GC Images

A day later, she took the boots out in the evening, pairing them with a colorful plaid skirt and a cowl neck crop top. This time, Hadid wore the boots over a pair of black knee-high sock, creating an illusion to make them look taller.

Bella Hadid Black Prada boots
Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images

As Milan Fashion Week came to an end, the Prada boots were packed up and taken to Paris, where Hadid took on another week of fashion shows and street style. That’s where they reappeared again earlier this month when Hadid wore them with a layered jean dress look, this time with sheer tights and white socks that just barely poked out above the top of the boots.

Bella Hadid Prada boots
Pierre Suu/GC Images

Apparently, Hadid is not only on a Prada boot kick, but a plaid skirt kick as well, because the next time she was spotted in the shoes was just a few days later, and the model was once again wearing a plaid skirt. This one was a blue and green Jean Paul Gautier piece, featuring a black cropped layer on top. Hadid paired it with a Maison Margiela off-the-shoulder corset, which she layered over a white tank. And then, of course, the boots, which hit the hem of the skirt perfectly.

Bella Hadid Prada boots
MEGA/GC Images

And that brings us to her most recent styling of the Prada boots, and possibly her most interesting. On Monday, Hadid took them out for another spin, this time using them in a well-curated outfit fit for any young British school boy. The model wore the boots with brown-knee high socks, which matched her pleated, knee-length shorts perfectly. On top, Hadid layered a brown shirt over another white collared one, finishing off the almost completely monochrome outfit with a brown button down top.

Bella Hadid Prada boots
Marc Piasecki/GC Images

Where will we see the boots next? Only time will tell, but something tells us we won’t have to wait too long to see these babies in action. As for how they will be styled? That’s anyone’s guess.

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