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Gigi Hadid Just Made a Pretty Convincing Case for Colorful Converse This Spring

The retro shoe is a popular pick around Hollywood these days

Gigi Hadid may strut down the runway in expensive designer footwear, but when she’s off duty, the supermodel loves to wear some pretty affordable kicks — Converse sneakers being one of them. We’ve spotted her in Chuck Taylors so many times recently, we’ve lost track. Though black and white are the go-to Converse colors, Hadid may have convinced us to ditch the classics for a more unexpected hue.

Earlier this week, she stepped out in Milan for fashion week wearing an oversized sweater vest with cream pants and a pair of sunshine yellow Converse. The vibrant pop of color against her neutral outfit immediately caught our attention because a) she expertly matched her shoes with the hints of yellow in her knit top, and b) it’s the perfect way to start infusing some spring vibes into your outfits.

The brand’s high-top and low-top sneakers are popular picks among A-listers like Lucy Hale, Jessica Alba, Kaia Gerber, and Hilary Duff — all of whom have worn a pair in the classic colors pretty recently. And while black Converse will continue to be a wardrobe staple until the end of time, Hadid’s cheerful yellow pair reminds us that sunshine and warm weather are just around the corner.

If Hadid has persuaded you to go bright for your next (or first!) Chucks, you can find yellow Converse shoes from the brand’s website and in select sizes at Nordstrom. Inspired by the lemon hue, we’ve also rounded up a few similar styles that are just as cheerful, including this pair of Cariuma sneakers that Helen Mirren is a fan of.

Below, shop yellow sneakers inspired by Hadid’s eye-catching Converse shoes to put a little spring in your step.

gigi hadid

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