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Gal Gadot Is A Woman After My Own Heart As She Shares Weekend Spent With Friends And Mac And Cheese

Gal Gadot is doing what I wish I could do everyday.

When you’re a celebrity, it’s hard to carve out time amidst interviews, photoshoots, or anything that involves work, not to mention the obligations and events celebs have in their personal family time. That’s one of the reasons why it’s always nice to see someone famous taking a little “me” time, and this week Gal Gadot took a break and was totally a woman after my own heart. While it seems like she has basically been working nonstop since Wonder Woman became a huge hit, she did cut loose and spent her weekend in the perfect way.

The lady with the lasso herself shared her Sunday plans on Instagram over President’s Day weekend. She spent some time watching Friends and eating macaroni & cheese. If that doesn’t say “perfect weekend,” I don’t know what does:

It’s great to see Gal Gadot relaxing (or mostly relaxing, since she’s also pushing a mac & cheese brand), considering she’s had quite a busy last few months — especially with the release of Netflix’s Red Notice and her even more recent 2022 movie release Death On the Nile, which is still currently in theaters. However, now I have FOMO and want to spend a day just watching Friends and chowing down on some mac & cheese. That’s what I call effective advertising.

Gadot won’t be relaxing for long, though. Fifty Shades star Jamie Dornan was recently announced to be joining her in the upcoming international spy thriller Heart of Stone. The movie has been in development since December 2020 before Netflix won the rights the following month. The streamer is reportedly making the film a priority, so it’s likely things will get rolling on filming in the coming months.

At the same time, it seems like Gal Gadot will also be reprising her role of The Bishop from Red Notice. Netflix is reportedly thinking about two sequels with a back-to-back production as early as next year. Gadot, along with co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson, are expected to return as well. The film premiered on Netflix in November 2021 and became an instant and surprise hit, so the sequel news is welcome. And I’m not even getting into Wonder Woman 3 plans. I just hope she has some time for macaroni breaks moving forward!

Hopefully Gal Gadot will continue to relax before her schedule gets busy again, and she’ll keep posting more videos of herself enjoying the simple pleasures in life when she does get some downtime. It’s nice to see the odd moment when celebrities behave just like regular people and have the same interests and fandoms. Now excuse me, while I see if mac and cheese and Friends streaming are in the cards for me today too…

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