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Angelina Jolie’s captivating moments on screen. It’s hard to find someone who can take the throne from her

Throughout her acting career, Angelina Jolie has left a strong impression with the show off her body in “Wanted” or the nude scene, passionate sex with Ethan Hawke in “Taking Lives”.

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After 5 years, the audience continues to admire the power of the dark fairy Angelina Jolie with sharp horns in Maleficent. Part 2 of the Disney blockbuster did not achieve good results in revenue after nearly a week of its release, but the 44-year-old star’s top performance is undeniable. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is also the work that marks Jolie’s return to the big screen after many years of absence.

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There was once an extremely hot and daring Angelina Jolie when she played supermodel Gia Carangi in Gia (1998). In the film, she made viewers unable to take their eyes off with a moment of showing off her body in a gay cuddling scene with Elizabeth Mitchell. This is the segment that receives many compliments for its artistic colors, not being vulgar. This role helped the 23-year-old actress receive a Golden Globe award.

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In 2001, Angelina Jolie turned female in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Her participation in the role of a woman who is passionate about thrills, who likes to break into ancient temples and ruins is considered the highlight of the film, although the work was criticized by critics for its action scenes like games. play game. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider grossed $274 million after its release.

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Ethan Hawke was called “the luckiest actor in Hollywood” by fans for having a steamy bed scene with Angelina Jolie in the horror film Taking Lives (2004). Many people believe that the actor born in 1970 and the cult star have real feelings for each other, so they can fully express this memorable passion and enthusiasm.

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In 2005, Jolie fell in love with Brad Pitt while participating in Mr and Mrs Smith. The couple John – Jane played by two stars are high-ranking assassins who work for different organizations but hide their truth. They disguised themselves as a fashion editor and a business manager. In the unexpected encounter, the two discovered the true identity of the other half.

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Thanks to the suffocating gunfight scenes, “burning the audience’s eyes” with the passionate affection of the two stars, Mr and Mrs Smith won big at the box office with 478 million USD. Not only that, the film is also a milestone marking the love story of Angelina Jolie – Brad Pitt. Their “fake love” story became a symbol of happiness in Hollywood for a long time, before breaking up in 2016.

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The screenplay in Wanted (2008), although not clinging to the life of the character that Angelina Jolie plays, but she is the face that makes the gentlemen “stand still” with the scene getting out of the bath. That was the moment when she showed off her slim shoulders, nude back and personality tattoos – repeated by fans as the immortal image of Jolie throughout her career.

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Angelina Jolie once again made friends with intense on-screen action, playing Salt (2010). Her role is a CIA agent who finds a way to escape after being accused of being a Russian double agent. According to the audience, hidden deep inside the strong eyes of this character is an irresistible charm. Evelyn Salt in the original original was originally a male, was targeted for Tom Cruise, but in the end the role was unexpected for ex-boyfriend Brad Pitt.

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In The Tourist (2010), Jolie plays Elise – an Interpol agent entangled in a fleeting love affair with a criminal. Not only impressing with her usual charm, her beauty is also praised for being noble and elegant through her vintage fashion style amidst the romantic setting of the ancient city of Venice.

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A decade after Mr and Mrs Smith, Angelina Jolie reunites with Brad Pitt in the movie By The Sea (2015). Set in 1970s France, Jolie plays Vanessa whose marriage is out of tune with writer Roland (Brad Pitt). At this time, at the age of 40, Jolie is still praised for her charm when wearing cool outfits in the movie.

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