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Gal Gadot Called Out By Joss Whedon In Harsh Response To Her Controversial Claims

Gal Gadot is firing back at Joss Whedon after the writer and director offered a pretty lame rebuttal of her past claim that he threatened her career on the set of Justice League. For those unfamiliar, Joss Whedon, the mind behind enduring hits like The AvengersBuffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly and more, was brought in to replace Zack Snyder as the director of Justice League after Snyder suffered an immense personal tragedy. In July 2020, cast members including Gal Gadot came forward with allegations that Joss Whedon was unprofessional to work with and ruled his set by way of fear and intimidation. 

At the time it didn’t help that there was a massive reckoning happening with Joss Whedon after his ex-wife, Kai Cole. released an op-ed in TheWrap in which she revealed he had an affair and hinted at proclivities with the young actresses he had power over on his 1990s hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So, when Justice League stars Ray Fisher, Gal Gadot and more came forward to bad-mouth their experience working with Joss Whedon in 2020, the public was all ears. 

Joss Whedon told his side of the story in a profile done by The New Yorker Monday in which he was given the opportunity to individually refute every statement made about him in the last two years. This includes Gal Gadot’s previous allegation that he threatened her career on the set of the movie if she didn’t fall in line with some revisions to Zack Snyder’s movie that he wanted for her Wonder Woman character. 

In the New Yorker profile, Joss Whedon tries to sell that it was all a big misunderstanding spawned from English not being the Israeli actress’ first language, noting “I tend to be annoyingly flowery in my speech.” He said while they were arguing about a scene, he “jokingly” said she would have to tie him to a railroad track and do it over his dead body. He believes Gal Gadot misunderstood that as a threat for him to tie her to a railroad track. 

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However, when asked for comment on the matter, Gal Gadot simply stated “I understood perfectly.” In other words, she is not buying the notion that Joss Whedon is just so good at the English language that her feeble bi-lingual mind simply couldn’t grasp the genius of what he was saying. Not to mention the fact that this “railroad track” example doesn’t address the allegations that he threatened to make her career difficult and lambaste the work of Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins if Gal Gadot didn’t fall in line with his vision of Justice League. In a report about the incident done by The Hollywood Reporter, Gal Gadot stated that she was pleased with Warner Bros’ response to the incident when she and Patty Jenkins brought it to the studio’s attention.  

As if his response wasn’t lacking enough, The New Yorker reports that an actress on Angel heard the story about Gal Gadot and came forward to say it’s very in keeping with previous behavior that Joss Whedon exhibited in the past. Gal Gadot isn’t the only person upset with Joss Whedon’s new campaign to rewrite a more favorable story about himself. Ray Fisher, who was the first in the Justice League cast to speak out against the director, lamented the profile on Twitter shortly after it came out. “Looks like Joss Whedon got to direct an endgame after all…” he wrote. “Rather than address all of the lies and buffoonery today—I will be celebrating the legacy of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Tomorrow the work continues.”

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