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Bella Hadid shows off her stretch marks as she strips to lingerie for Victoria’s Secret

Bella Hadid is one of the newest ambassadors of lingerie brand Victoria's Secret and features in their campaign for Valentine's Day 2022

Bella Hadid has been praised by fans for showing off her stretchmarks in her Valentine’s Day campaign for Victoria’s Secret.

The model, 25, stripped to racy lingerie for the #VSFeeltheLove campaign on Instagram.

Two posts on the official Instagram account of the brand earlier this week show Bella – the sister of fellow model Gigi Hadid, 26 – posing in her underwear ahead of February 14.

The first set of photos shows her in a heart embroidered set with a matching garter belt.

The caption reads: “Begs the question: ‘What’s sweetness without spice?’ Add a dash of heat to delicate lace and strappy details in the latest Dream Angels collection.”

The other post shows Bella – the daughter of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Yolanda Hadid, 58 – in black, lace trim cheekini knickers and a push-up bra.

The caption called them a “perfect match,” adding: “Made even better by [Bella].”

Fans took to the comments to compliment Bella, who was announced as a member of the VS Collective – a group of ambassadors of the lingerie brand – last month.

The model was referred to as “beautiful,” with one person writing in response to one of the posts: “Bella is love. She looks amazing in this set.”

Others said they could see stretch marks, with several fans praising this. One commented: “Love how you kept her stretch marks and didn’t feel the need to airbrush.”

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Another wrote: “So glad that I see stretch marks on model’s bodies […] I struggled about my own for years.” A third said: “[Bella] showing with pride her stretch marks. Thank you.”

The model previously opened up about them in a tweet back in 2018. Bella said: “Everyone has stretch marks!!! And to me, they are a beautiful part of being a woman!”

Bella is the daughter of reality TV star Yolanda Hadid (left) and her ex-husband Mohamed Hadid (right)

She was announced as one of the newest ambassadors of Victoria’s Secret last month. She told Marie Claire magazine that “a lot has changed” behind the scenes since she had last worked with the brand a few few years ago.

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