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John Wick vs. James Bond: Who Would Win?

John Wick and James Bond are some of film's deadliest killers, but between the two characters, who would win in a fight to the finish?

When it comes to the world of international spies and killers in cinema, no names come to mind faster than James Bond and John Wick. Where one fights for the safety of innocents and the country he loves, the other fights for revenge and the desire to finally find a semblance of peace. James Bond has spent his whole adult life training to earn his 007 status, and each successful mission proves that. However, John Wick has been fighting his entire life to have a moment for himself, but if these two efficient fighters were ever to cross guns, who would likely come out on top?

John Wick’s Strengths And Weaknesses

Born Jordani Jovonovich, John Wick’s past is still being uncovered. Trained to defend and fend for himself, Wick’s life led him down the path of becoming a hitman. His efficiency in killing later earned him the name “Baba Yaga, The Boogeyman” because his presence often meant death. However, his strengths come solely from his training and willpower. He has immense knowledge in hand-to-hand combat, including Judo, and is proficient in tactical and speed shooting. He has also shown proficiency in knife fighting skills, killing three men in a room of knives in John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum. Meanwhile, his greatest strength lies in his ability to endure pain, even when the hits miss his bulletproof suit.

When it comes to weaknesses, Wick has few. However, the ones he does have nearly killed him. For starters, he tends to let his emotions, namely anger, get the best of him. While he can focus on accomplishing a goal, there are times when he nearly dies from it, like in the first film when his rage made him too focused, and he got hit by a car in the climax. He also tends to let pacifism and friendships end in tragedy. For example, because he has such loyal allies, some have been killed, like his friend and skilled sniper, Marcus.

James Bond’s Strengths And Weaknesses

Like Wick, James Bond is a proficient killer who has been trained in many fighting and tactical shooting styles. Since he’s a government agent, Bond earned a license to kill and 007 status that allows him to perform his deadly acts without prosecution. He’s also trained in espionage and is a skilled driver, and he is able to adapt and utilize the various gadgets gifted to him by Q branch. What makes Bond a standout is his drive to complete a mission even if it endangers his life, as well as his immense tolerance for pain.

Like John, James also has a kind heart, and he often gets attached easily. As a result, when someone he cares about dies, he gets bitter and shuts down, like when Vesper Lynd died in Casino Royale. He’s also not as proficient in killing when compared to Wick. Therefore, when caught in a fight, he often can’t eliminate multiple targets at once. Instead, he’s often stuck fighting one man for extended fight sequences and, occasionally, nearly dies in the process.

Winner: John Wick

In the end, both killers are the best at what they do, but when it comes to proficiency and pain tolerance, John has the capabilities to end Bond quickly. James’ best chance would be if he could keep John at a distance and utilize his gadgets intelligently. However, Wick’s impeccable aim and skill with guns makes him a nightmare at a distance. As for close quarters, James’ stamina, while high, isn’t enough to compete with a man who has taken on three enemies at once. Even without his bulletproof suit, John can take hard hits and get right back up. Meanwhile, James tends to struggle after a prolonged fight. Ultimately, the fight would be a battle of attrition that would end with John winning, whether with a fist or a bullet.

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