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Who plays Beta on The Walking Dead?

In the second half of season nine of The Walking Dead, viewers were introduced to two iconic comic book characters. Two characters who had to be cast just right and then transformed from page to screen in the right way. Fans will agree that Alpha and Beta, the first and second in command of the Whisperers, couldn’t have been more accurately depicted in seasons nine and ten.

Many comic book characters have a specific look that needed to be spot on when being adapted to the screen. In this category, characters that come to mind are Abraham, Ezekiel, Princess, Negan, and the above-mentioned Alpha and Beta. These and others with distinct costumes, mannerisms and overall appearance, if not done right, would disappoint the fandom, especially the comic readers.

It has been fascinating to see who would be cast for these roles and accurately achieve these iconic looks for the series.

Beta on The Walking Dead

When it was announced that Beta had been cast, the fandom was happy to learn that Ryan Hurst would play this character. In the comics, Beta is a towering man, standing about 7 feet tall, Hurst at 6’4″, had the build to bring this character to life.

Beta was brutal and aggressive in the comics, and he only wore a partial skin mask that he never removed for fear of being recognized. He was a professional athlete turned actor. Beta in the series wore the same mask as he was a Country Musician who went by the stage name Half Moon.

Hurst gave this character the terrifying personality needed to bring Beta to life. His voice, stature and costume, all worked together to make the viewer believe he walked right from the page to the screen. He was loyal to Alpha, who Samantha Morton played, and after her death, proceeded to take the massive horde into Alexandria to finish the job they started.

His death was awesome as Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) stabbed him in both eyes. Loyal and perhaps unhinged until the end, Beta succumbs to the walkers who begin devouring him.

Hurst is well known for his role on The Walking Dead and as fan-favorite Opie Winston on the FX crime drama Sons of Anarchy. Other roles he is known for include Bates Motel, Remember the Titans, Saving Private Ryan, Paradise City, Bosch and The Mysterious Benedict Society.

Next, Hurst will lend his voice talents to the God of War: Ragnarök video game as Thor, which will be released in 2022.

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